The Ray chair by Lera Moiseeva has an intriguing profile

The Ray Chair by Lera Moiseeva 02Lera Moiseevas “Ray” chair certainly has an eye-catching profile! The Russian designer will officially introduce her new chair during the “Naturalist show” (attempting to “capture Nature into an artifact”) at the Stockholm Light & Furniture Fair, in the Greenhouse section.

“The higher a stem of a plant reaches to the light, the deeper its roots grow into the ground. The nature of this chair works according to the same principle; the legs of the chair work as roots, that give life to the stable and firm seat. The Ray chair is made from tubular steel and can be used indoor and outdoor.

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Inga Sempé’s new w103f modular lamp for Wästberg

design inga sempé wastberg W103f floor lamp - 3

Inga Sempé has designed a new floor lamp for Wästberg, that completes the existing “w103” range.
Modular elements allow different configurations of the w103f lamp, which will be introduced during the Stockholm Design week 2016.

design inga sempé wastberg W103f floor lamp - 2

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Mavericks architects are breaking the mould


The London Royal Academy of Arts recently launched a new exhibition. “Mavericks: Breaking the Mould of British Architecture” (26 January — 20 April 2016) features the works of architects who refuse to conform to the norms of mainstream architectural culture, architects who can also be maverick in other ways, such as in their relationship to the discipline and profession of architecture. These are mavericks questioning what architecture is and how it should be practiced.

The “Mavericks: Breaking the Mould of British Architecture” exhibition embarks visitors on a journey through 400 years of architectural British history, taking a colorful look at twelve mavericks architects who helped to shape its course: Smythson, Vanbrugh, Wyatt, Soane, Cockerell, Mackintosh, Holden, Goodhart-Rendel, Stirling, Price, FAT and Hadid.

(Photo courtesy of Living Architecture / Jack Hobhouse)

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Gerda Breuer about the Bauhaus & Industry: “Myth Machine”


With the 1923 slogan “Art and technology – a new unity”, Walter Gropius formulated the programmatic direction of the Bauhaus. Yet it rarely gets questioned whether the designs of Bauhaus members were truly oriented to the advanced industrial mass production of the era. Was there a sufficient understanding of the individual branches of industry and the latest conditions of industrial factory production? And were the workshops truly equipped for prototypes of industrial mass production? The art and design historian Gerda Breuer probes the mythical image that the Bauhaus had of industry (free admission, 11 February 2016, 6 pm, Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein).

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Butiken Republiken, Stockholm


Butiken Republiken is a newly started design boutique and showroom in Stockholm. Their first exhibition,  “To the Wild”, our will open as part of Stockholm Design Week and will continue to the end of February. “To the Wild” will display the Polygo lamp kits created by designer Jakob Uhlin. Workshops will be held, enabling visitors to play with the sculptural Polygo building kits and imagine your own lamps (see pictures: “Hills and Valleys”, above, and “Sierpinski”, below, pendant lights made from the kit designed by Jakob Uhlin).


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The delicate art of Asya Kozina’s paper wigs


Ukrainian graphic designer and artist Asya Kozina created these uncanny and mesmerizing paper wigs. For her own pleasure or for brands, Asya picks up traditional patterns and motifs, costumes and fashion aesthetics from various historical time periods to turn them into contemporary paper designs: “Historical wigs always fascinated me, especially the Baroque era. This is art for art’s sake aesthetics for aesthetics, no practical sense. But they are beautiful. I made a series of wigs. Paper helps to highlight in this case the main form and not be obsessed by unnecessary details.” (…)

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The V&A Museum for Kids celebrates 60 years of Play-Doh creations


Did you know that the Play-Doh paste was initially invented to clean wallpapers in the 1930s in Ohio? Some classroom kids has the brilliant idea to use this mix of flour, water, salt, boric acid and mineral oil as a modeling paste. It was then reworked and marketed as a toy to Cincinnati schools in the mid-1950s. Play-Doh was demonstrated at an educational convention in 1956 and bought by department stores. The rest, as they say, is history. If you wish to know more, go and give it a try in February at the Victoria & Albert Museum for Kids in London (program here).

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M/B as in “Mind/Blowing”: Creatives to keep an eye on


They are funny, gifted and sassy. “They” are M/B, the founders of this Parisian creative agency launched in 2011 by artistic director Marine de Bouchony and photographer Camille de Laurens. After several years experiencing with fashion and culture, the two friends decided to join their forces and set up M/B, producing contents, designing brand identities, consulting, creating scenographies and planning various events.

“M/B. is Merci/Beaucoup, Much/Better, Mister/Bean, Mind/Blowing – but first and foremost it’s Camille, Marine, Mylène and Anne-Sophie.”Since their beginnings, the four accomplices have worked their magic for Asos, Etam, NellyRodi, Jean Paul Gaultier or Molteni.

The pictures published here were imagined for Milh’s first birthday. For this “2.0 habershary”, the team took inspiration from the Dutch 17th Century masters to create a series of still-life witty and poetic scenes. “A ball of carded wool turned into a cream cake, a shimmering ribbon as a plate of caviar… Breakfast, lunch, tea break and diner, place your order, everybody will get their very own happy Milh!” They definitely are on our Watch List.


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