Design icon & movie star: the story of Emeco’s Navy Chair

You have seen this chairs in many cafés and restaurants, praised for their « industrial chic » interior design. But the Navy chair made thousands of cameo appearances in detective series and movies (opposite Batman in The Dark Knight, for instance).

Oui, cette chaise vous est familière. Vous l’avez vue dans de nombreux cafés et restaurants courus pour leur déco de style « industriel chic ». Mais la chaise Navy peut aussi se vanter d’avoir tenu des milliers de rôles de figuration dans des séries télé ( de Law & Order à Dr House) ou au cinéma (The Dark Knight).

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Morning Glory, Marc Thorpe x Moroso

A must-see if you’re in Milan: the newly introduced « Morning Glory » tables designed by Marc Thorpe for Moroso. Sleek pick of the day! The talented American designer and the Italian brand had previously collaborated to produce the Blur sofa, or the Mark & Ratio tables. A few words from the New-York (Brooklyn, actually) based designer: « The Morning Glory takes its name from the flowering vine. The vines grow and wrap around each other reinforcing the structure of the plant. The pedals of the vine spread out become a canopy of surfaces to retain water. This organic architecture lends itself to the table designed for Moroso. Designed to be arranged in clusters, the three stems of the table connect at the base mimicking the organic structure of the vine itself. The petals of the table overlap each other producing a multi-layered system of surface and color.« 

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Degeneration of Modernism? Tessa Koot, the Sorry Collection

Mart Stam, El Lissitzky and Gerrit Rietveld en route for Milan… If the Bauhaus and De Stijl members could come back to life today, would their work be considered relevent? The « Sorry Collection » by Tessa Koot, an installation of handcrafted furniture commisioned by Dutch entrepeneur Bob Hutten, gives us a few hints. The Dutch designer, whose freedom in process and concepts is pivotal to her designs, was « never really restricted by conventions of functionality and comfort. Koot looked to the modernist movements of the first half of the 20th century for inspiration and significance.
 Using new materials and techniques, unconcerned with the necessary know-how, resulted in a new form of risk taking as of yet not proven succesful in terms of sustaining the ravages of time… but hey! »

Tessa Koot collaborated with photographer Lisa Klappe to stage her Sorry Collection, in a setting « loosely refering to the infamous execution of the 1937 Degenerate Art Exhibition« , organized by the Nazis in order to rally public opinion against modernist artists. The Sorry Collection is on show at the Studio Paul Heijnen Exhibition ’KORTE METTEN’ during the Milan Salone.

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Tomas Kral x Something Good: Split

Designer Tomas Kral (his « clown nose » series is perhaps the reason why the name rings a bell) will soon unveil new works at the Milan Salone del Mobile. Designed for the Italian brand Something Good, which debuted during last year’s Salone, « Split » is a collection of ceramic containers, based on the designer’s « 1/4″ containers – a bended sheet of metal re-proportioning each cylindrical object, a divider overwhelming the initial shape of the piece.

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Kueng Caputo: « Never too much » bowls

Swiss design studio Kueng Caputo will be showing their « Never too much » leather bowls in Zurich, at the Thema Selection from 22.05 to 14.06.2014. These uncommon bowls, part of a series of furniture and objects which the Swiss duo debuted in New York at Salon94, are made of three layers of hand painted leather.

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Clemens Auer, Confessions of Design

Today’s object of curiosity is a ladder: Vienna-based industrial designer Clemens Auer created the very first ladder with rungs made from bentwood. The Austrian designer will display his work as part of the « Confessions of Design » exhibition during the upcoming Milan Salone (April 8-13 2014), at the Rotonda della Besana, Via Enrico Besana 12.

L’objet de curiosité du jour : le designer industriel Clemens Auer a imaginé la première échelle aux échelons faits de bois courbé. Le designer autrichien, dont le studio est basé à Vienne, présentera son travail dans le cadre de l’exposition « Confessions of Design » pendant le salon de Milan (8-13 avril 2014), à la Rotonda della Besana, Via Enrico Besana 12.

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Asian Subconscious

Exhibited as part of Singapore Design Week,  »Asian Subconscious » is a series of artworks by Singaporean graphic designers, curated by design studio Kult3D, in collaboration with Hong Kong-based store Kapok and furniture and product design range Industry+. Each designer, up-and-coming artist or well-known local talent, expressed their vision using images and icons from Asian architecture, typography, packaging and food to create their posters. Living far from Singapore? Don’t worry, you can purchase these limited edition posters from Kult’s online store.

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Shigeru Ban wins the 2014 Pritzker Architecture Prize

Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has won the 2014 Pritzker Architecture Prize, the top award in that field. In France, Shigeru Ban designed the Metz Centre Pompidou museum (see below), with an undulating white roof supported by wooden latticework. His works are known for using low-cost materials, often locally sourced: He unveiled last summer the Cardboard Cathedral in Christchurch, New Zealand (pictured above). Singaporeans will remember his Containart Pavilion for the Singapore Biennale of Architecture in 2008, aninstallation built with 150 shipping containers and recyclable paper tubes, in Marina Bay.

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