Float & enjoy your holidays!

Relax, nobody’s asking you to dive into ice-cold water.

Designed in Iceland by Unnur Valdís, Float is a « water therapy product ». Water is believed to relieve stress and improve well-being. The « Float » cap & support bands, made of Neoprene-Lycra-Polyethylene foam, were designed to help relieve muscle tension, blood pressure and heart rate while you’re « sinking into a deeply relaxed state ». Even better, it might also « alleviate the effects of insomnia, depression and anxiety »: the designer, Unnur Valdís, promises you a renewed sense of clarity.

Not that you really need a lot of clarity when on vacation… Better keep the experience for rainy office days. Meanwhile… dive in and enjoy your holidays!

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Booze, bread and a food truck: Grey Goose Boulangerie François

Meals on wheels became highly desirable recently, especially thanks to beautifully designed food trucks selling luxury hamburgers or pastries on the streets (« Choux d’enfer », a yummy joint-venture imagined by celebrity Chef Alain Ducasse and pastry Chef Christophe Michalak). In Edinburgh (Scotland), vodka purveyor Grey Goose and Boulangerie François are driving up and down the streets with their pop-up cocktail bar, created by interior designer Shayne Brady. Mixologist Oli Blackburn takes care of the drinks, while the Boulangerie François features an array of artisan breads, crafted from the same ingredients as Grey Goose vodka: wheat!

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Yves Behar’s Fuseproject to become Chinese

As reported in the Financial Times, San Francisco-based designer Yves Béhar has secured a £27-million deal with Bluefocus; the Chinese company acquires a 75% stake in Fuseproject, launched by Béhar in 1999. Recent projects include, among others, a range of office furniture for Herman Miller, visual identities for Nivea and PayPal, the One Laptop Per Child project (Design of the Year by the Design Museum in 2008). Read more on Design Week.

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The Bill Murray Affair in San Francisco

From PSFK: San Francisco gallery-goers will be able to spice up their regular routine on August 8th. Expected to contain over 100 works of art, this show will pay homage to the seemingly countless roles and angles of one man: Bill Murray. The Murray Affair is hosted by San Francisco event space and gallery Public Works, and is conceived by curator, musician, and promoter Ezra Croft. In a time when many art lovers are feeling pop-culturally inundated by snarky memes and TV references, the show seeks to bring about a thoughtful — but also fun — gathering of the actor’s admirers.

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Tradition with a twist: Rouge Absolu

For lovers of handcrafted pieces and Art Deco-inspired contemporary furniture. French interior designer Geraldine Prieur (Rouge Absolu design studio) presents her first wallpaper, fabrics and furniture collection. Mixing bamboo and precious woods, vivid colours and a retro twist, lamps, chairs, sofas and tables have been traditionally hand-crafted by the Manufacture Henryot et Cie (since 1867) awarded the prestigious ‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’ label. Each piece is stamped and numbered.

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Marije Vogelzang to teach « Food Non Food » at Design Academy Eindhoven

From next September on, students at Design Academy Eindhoven will be able tograduate in a completely new specialisation: « Food Non Food ». Renowned « eating designer » Marije Vogelzang (who graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2000) will be the Head of this new department, working together with Earlwyn Covington (who previously launched « Thinking Food Design » with Marc Brétillot and Jean-Charles Amey), Arne Hendriks, Mara Skujeniece and Robert Adolfsson.

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The Pour, Design Haus Liberty

In New York, the Design Haus Liberty team was presented with a challenge to create light installations on the third floor of a refurbished 1820’s cast-iron, developer project. Asked us to create two art/architecture installations which would take advantage of the high ceiling space and the industrial nature of the original features within the building, the process has been to design scripted forms in Grasshopper and then collaborate with glass blowers and metal fabricators in Suffolk, UK to reproduce these forms.

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James Bond, by Design

In October, James Bond will move in the Kunsthal Rotterdam. The Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond Style exhibition, previously seen at the Barbican in London, will present more than 500 gadgets, costumes, iconic vehicles (yes, that Aston Martin DBS5), storyboards, graphic designs and props from Dr. No in 1962 (starring Sean Connery) to 2012’s Skyfall (with Daniel Craig).

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