Daikoku Design Institute for the Musashino Art University, Tokyo

Designed by the Daikoku Institute (Nippon Design Centre, Tokyo), this series of posters are meant to advertise the 2016 programs of the Musashino Art University. As simple and efficient as good design can be.

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Kaja Solgaard, Tapputi and the Sea

Norwegian designer Kaja Solgaard (whose previous projects have been featured here) presented us with her last work: Tapputi & the sea.  For her graduation at ECAL (Lausanne, Switzerland), she imagined solid perfume designs, complete with experimental scent holders and appliers. Taputti is the first chemist ever mentioned in the history of perfumes, estimated to have lived and worked 3,000 years before Christ in Mesopotamia.

Tapputi & the sea, explain the designer, is « a story about the meeting between fragrance and material, a future take on the luxury of cosmetics and natural materials role in such objects. The sea sponge is meant to visually speak about the scent and it functions physically as the holder of the perfume which is casted onto it. The glass protects the perfume from light, oxygen and heat, and it visualizes the shapes. »

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Paper John reinvents the grocery bag (Made in Germany)

Designed (or re-designed) by the Hamburg-based Ogata ’s creative team, the traditional paper grocery bag has found a new purpose. « In our everyday life we are used to move from place to place with our bicycles, » declared Ogata founders Dennis Rasch and Cornelius Voss.

« When we went shopping for groceries we often wondered, how are we going to transport these back home in a secure and comfortable way? It quickly came to our minds that the most ​comfortable way to carry weight is on one’s back, irrespective of whether you are going by foot or by bike. »

And the Paper John backpack was born. (…)

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Watch, try, enjoy -and listen! Miguel Chevalier creates an « interactive light carpet » for the Night Fest

Exciting news for the Night Fest 2015 : the internationally acclaimed Miguel Chevalier, one of the most significant digital artists on the contemporary scene, has teamed up with Carolyn Kay (Carrie K.) and Depression to craft a giant light carpet inside the National Design Centre. (…)

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This is not a clutch: The art of Nathalie Trad

Born in Beirut and raised in Dubai, where she still lives and works, fashion designer Nathalie Trad confesses to « a strong penchant for asymmetric designs ». The designer loves « to take classic shapes – ubiquitous in our natural environment – and radically transform them, deconstructing and redefining the boundaries of fashion aesthetics. » A design ethos which translates into one-of-a-kind clutches made of wood, hammered copper, mother of pearl, shells…

The Fashion designer studied in Paris at Esmod international and in New York, at the Parsons School of Design. Her newest collection (she debuted her eponymous brand in 2013) is titled « Cipher 1.61 », which she describes as her own «visual interpretation of the universal geometric order. ».

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Architectural strategies, from Paris to Singapore

Held at the Palais Chaillot, Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine, in Paris, 1000 Singapores: Eight Points of the Compact City draws parallels between Singapore and the French capital, with regards to urban planning strategies, human capital investments and infrastructure improvements. (…)

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Fredrik Paulsen plays Mikado -and it’s a serious affair

Swedish-Serbian designer Fredrik Paulsen recently presented his last series of furniture, titled « Mikado », at the Torri gallery in Paris. Paulsen has deconstructed the function of a chair, reducing its form to a series of horizontal and vertical plane lines rising from the ground. 

The stained pine-wood armchairs, chairs and bench sometimes echoes famous ancestors, such as the Thonet armchair,  their rigid lines revealing of Paulsen’s fondness for contemporary architecture. 


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Some Karakter: Joe Colombo’s Modello 300 Chair is Back

It’s back! Thanks to Karakter, the Copenhagen-based brand behind this relaunch. Joe Colombo’ believed in democratic and functional design – meaning the Italian designer was always focusing on the user. His designs were to be easily packed, handled, shipped and assembled – the knock-down furniture. One of those was the Modello 300 dining chair, which certainly puts (at last) flat-packed furniture in quite a flattering light…

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