Anne Fabricius Møller’s first class trash: Street Print

Vinçon is exhibiting Danish designer Anne Fabricius Møller’s Street Print designs, made for MindCraft14 (previously showcased in Milan).

Street Print is a 1.5 x 10 metre length of cotton printed with objects found in the street (some have been run over, coarse and filthy, but their imprints are remarkably poetic and delicate). The fine quality of the fabric strikes a contrast to the coarse grey asphalt where they were found. The prints are reproduced in a composition along a central axis and a certain degree of pattern symmetry around it. The composition was inspired by English etchings from the 1600s depicting natural objects in more or less symmetrical compositions.

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Playing house in Eindhoven

Time to play house! During the Dutch Design Week (Oct.18-26), the Dutch Supermodels Doll houses (hotel rooms, offices and exhibition galleries designed to scale) will be displayed at the Klokgebouw. Among the playful creators are designers & architects Makkink & Bey, Ineke Hans, Scholten & Baijings, Frederik Roije, Van Eijk & Van Lubbe, textile designer Claudy Jongstra, wayfinding specialist Mijksenaar, exhibition designers Kossmann.dejong, artist Krijn de Koning, furniture manufacturer DUM.

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Let’s get MAAD at the Red Dot Museum

Singapore is getting MAAD again: on Friday 10 October at the Red Dot Design Museum Singapore, from 5pm to 12am, join the largest recurring creative marketplace in Singapore. F&B, music, crafts & designs galore (including lifestyle items by the French-Singaporean studio ÉDITION LIMITÉE)

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Box up your resume

A graphic design professor at the São Paulo School of Fine arts, Samuel Profeta published the final « Creativity and Innovation » project of the Graduate Diploma in Design Management his is supervising. The goal of this project?  Creating an unconventional resume in an innovative platform. All the informations (professional skills, experience, social media stats, contact) are printed on a cardboard package similar to milk or juice ones, as if they were texts from a product. Lire le reste de cet article »

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The fabric NY apartment: Do Ho Suh at Contemporary Austin

Do Ho Suh’s former New York apartment at 348 West 22nd Street has moved to Austin, Texas. The abstract Korean artist designed the structure & layout out of sheer polyester threads and stainless steel tubing. Exhibited at the Contemporary Austin museum, visitors can walk through the apartment, complete with replicas of a stove, a radiator, a toilet and a shower designed and recreated after Do Ho Suh’s New York apartment.

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Razzle Dazzle! Sylvain Willenz is camouflaging your living room

Belgian designer Sylvain Willenz took inspiration into « Dazzle Camouflage » to create this series of cushions for German brand Hem.

Imagined in 1917 by British artist Norman Wilkinson, the very Op-art Dazzle patterns meant to disrupt the observer’s perception of a subject. Used in American and British Navies at the end of World War I and a little bit during World War II, the enormous floating optical illusions disappeared with the invention of the radar.

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Wear it loud! Contemporary jewlery designs make a statement

In New York, the Reinstein/Ross gallery gathered over 50 statement pieces of contemporary jewelry pieces by up-and-coming or internationally acclaimed designers for the  »Wear It Loud” exhibition. Among the featured designers are Alissia Melka-Teichroew, Denise Julia Reytan, Johanna Törnqvist, Rebecca Hannon and Tara Locklear. On show until October 16th.

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Sunny side up…

Back-to-work blues? Our « mystery object of the day » should bring a smile to your face – courtesy I Chao Wang, a Taiwan-born and NY-based industrial designer and illustrator (who possesses a certain sense of surreal humor, or a good deal of innocence, or a drinking problem – and perhaps all of the above).

Really, no idea? Alright, answer to be found after the jump.

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