Too hot to handle? Solano self-standing fan by naft/Ginga-do by NAGAE & Awatsuji design

Yes, there are ways to fight the heat and stay über cool. This self-standing fan, designed in Japan by naft/Ginga-do by NAGAE. Made in Takaoka-city, Toyama, by these famous metal casting & smithing specialists, in collaboration with Awatsuji Design, the aluminum base makes the difference: the fan stands on your desk or table and becomes part of the decor. Did we need this? Not really, as so many items that are designed in Japan. But why should we try to resist?  These quirky little devices are available on Alexcious.

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Alexa Lixfeld’s POP! Summer

Hamburg-based designer Alexa Lixfeld is introducing a new, ephemeral range of glass mouth-blown gorgeous glass items. Go and check behind-the-scene images from the making of the limited edition collection and buy some of these unique pieces on Alexa’s online shop.

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In No Particular Order II, Dutch Design Week 2015

During Dutch Design Week (17–25 October 2015), Creative Industries Fund NL will organize the exhibition In No Particular Order for the second time, showcasing work by 38 up-and-coming designers (fashion, product & graphic design, architecture…). The curator, Agata Jaworska, uses 38 different perspectives and projects to « provide insight into a new generation of designers ». Besides showcasing their work, this year Jaworska uncovers underlying mechanisms and structures as well.  (…)

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Tom Dixon Design Studio + Here Design: CRAFT London

Brand consultancy Here Design has imagined the identity and packaging series for CRAFT London, a new restaurant in Greenwich, London. CRAFT is a collaboration between Stevie Parle and Tom Dixon (the restaurant’s interior was designed by Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio).

The challenge was to create a strong brand identity that would convey what they call a “New British contemporary craft” to a metropolitan audience. (…)

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« Human Organs-on-Chips » wins Design of the Year Award 2015

Human Organs-on-Chips, designed by Donald Ingber and Dan Dongeun Huh at Harvard University’s Wyss Institute, has won the Design Museum Design of the Year Award for 2015 – the first medical device to win this prestigious reward.

The Human Organs-on-Chips were nominated by Paola Antonelli, MoMA’s Senior Curator of Architecture & Design and Director of R&D, who called the project « the epitome of design innovation – elegantly beautiful form, arresting concept and pioneering application. »

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Re-designing William Morris… on your iPad

Developed by games designer Sophia George during her residence at the V&A museum in London, the Strawberry Thief game (that you can download for free from the App store here) was inspired by the William Morris pattern of the same name in the Museum’s British Galleries – so famous it had been featured on a stamp in 1982.

« To be appointed as the first ever Victoria & Albert Games Designer in Residence », says the designer, « was a dream come true. The V&A is leading the way by embracing computer games as a creative activity and by opening up its collection for interpretation by a game designer. I used the history of British design shown in the Britain 1500-1900 galleries as a starting point for my research, and after weeks of research decided to focus on the William Morris textile pieces that are on display in Gallery 125g. (…) The aim of the residency was to release a finished game following a period of game production at Abertay University after my 6 months at the V&A. I wanted this game to offer a new and exciting interpretation of the V&A collections, as well as encouraging visitor participation and learning from the Britain 1500-1900 galleries. » (…)

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« Designing » Scents @ the Singapore National Design Centre

Sandy Blandin is a professional « nose », a creator of scents. She set up her olfactive consultancy bureau, « Nose Who Knows », in Singapore a few years ago. On June 12 & 13, she will be offering kids at the National Design Centre, Singapore, the opportunity to discover the world of fragrances and scents, telling all about how and why smell can affect and interact with our other senses, influence emotions and memory, or be used for communication. Artworks and installations will be set up by children and educators for this one-of-a-kind workshop. Free admission (9 am – 9pm), just send an email at

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Design for kids in Milan: Cose da Bocia

« Cose da Bocia » translates to « Things for kids » (“Bocia” means ‘kid’ in Turin jargon). It is a collection of beds, wardrobes and writing desks in a modernist style, made of 100% eco-friendly materials. Cose da Bocia is designed by Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa from Studio Uda Architetti. The collection has officially made its debut at the “Fuorisalone” Milano furniture fair, in collaboration with Milk Magazine. (…)

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