Packaging design & sleek pasta

Pâtes alimentaires et design font bon ménage : dans le cadre de son cours de typographie à l’UQAM, Judith Poirier et ses élèves ont imaginé ces quelques exemples de packaging, savoureux au point d’éclipser le produit. Que ceux qui n’ont jamais alourdis leur bagage des fameux paquets jaunes de pâtes Martelli lui jettent la première pierre…

Pasta and packaging design make a good recipe: UQAM Judith Poirier and her pupils came up with these mouth-watering packs in her typography class. In fact, they look so good they literally outshine the product they’re supposed to sell. But think twice before pointing the finger at her: perhaps are you among those whose luggage was once stuffed with Martelli’s pasta yellow packs?

(source: Sylvain Allard)

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