Confessions Of A Designer, Anneke Short

Humorously fighting preconceptions, ‘Confessions of a Designer’ is a collection of printed quotes that London-based graphic designer Anneke Short had heard her friends say, or found herself thinking, pinpointing the kind of frustration and harsh realities that designers often face.

Luttant contre les préjugés avec humour, la designer graphique londonienne Anneke Short a imaginé cette série de posters arborant des citations empruntées à ses amis, ou inspirées de ses propres pensées, qui épinglent les frustrations et réalités auxquelles les designers sont quotidiennement confrontés.

(source design taxi)


  • yakety yak

    […] client’ comments in their post about designer Anneke Short’s posters (seen here on sleek design’s blog)… These comments turned into posters will be familiar to most people who have worked in […]

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