Khodi Feiz: “Design Is All About Appropriateness And Optimization”

Designer Khodi Feiz reacted to one of Sleek design readers’ comment on the post dedicated to his Moment chair for OFFECCT. A lesson in design thinking, kindly taught by a skilled, much-awarded professional (a lecturer at the Eindhoven Design Academy or the Harvard Design School, no less!), and an enlightening contribution that deserved a post in its own right.

The starting point was this question, asked by our reader, Peter: “Do they have a left-handed version? Also, the table could use stoppers to avoid the laptop from falling… Not very wide. And be reclining, as using a tablet wouldn’t be very convenient.”

“For me,”, answered Khodi Feiz,  “a big part of design is actually this sort of dialogue! In relation to the tablet (small table) for moment what was critical for me was the balance of having a truly functional feature (without it being uber-ergonomic…) and something which is discreetly blended within the product. We did extensive testing in relation to size and balance and found the current execution to be the best compromise. The image above is with a 17″ laptop and that fit quite comfortably. As for stoppers, the predominant weight of the laptop is downwards while working so in combination of the rubber feet, stoppers were deemed unnecessary and actually limiting in the types of devices and activities you would do on the tablet, for example, writing, sketching, etc…”

About the sitting posture, the designer added: “The seat is quite wide and flowing allowing for a number of sitting mannerism, from upright work to relaxed lounging, together with Offecct we managed to hit the sweet spot. I hope you get a chance to experience it first hand some day!
Regarding a left handed version: “Actually tables don’t really have a left or right orientation. Especially when you’re working on your laptop, so all you need to do is orient your posture and you should be fine. The only problem may be drinking coffee with your right hand as a left hander…”

“At the end of the day design is all about appropriateness and optimization especially when you are investigating new typologies, and I hope we have managed that.”

Amsterdam-based Feiz Design Studio collaborates with such brands as Cappellini, Artifort, Decathlon, Herman Miller, Samsung, Lego, Offect, or Nokia.

Dear Mr Feiz, dear Peter, thank you for this precious contribution!



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