Norther: Aalto x Milan (part 1)

L’exposition “Norther” dévoile les meilleurs travaux des étudiants de l’université finlandaise  Aalto, Ecole de design, d’art et d’architecture. Mobilier, arts de la table, bois ou céramique… Dont une sélection de sièges, souvent peu conventionnels.
“Norther” is an exhibition gathering the best works of students from the Aalto University, School of Design, Art and Architecture (Finland). Furniture, tableware or textile design, made of wood, ceramics, glass… Let’s start with selected seats – most of them rather unconventional.

Design Mirella Abe, DU chair (above): “DU captures the lightness and freedom of the moment, when you can let go and just chill.” (above, top: design Noora Liesimaa: Keno chair, spruce, steel and fabric)
Design Nina Kosonen, Avaa: “Avaa’s shape challenges the viewer to look twice. It is an unconventional, edgy looking, but surprisingly comfortable chair, which can be stored in a small space. Just lift and turn!”

Design Matti Mikkilä, Linja chair. “Linja is a sculpture-like aluminium easy chair. The idea for the design comes from a sketch on paper, where one single line is used to illustrate the chair’s shape. Inspired by the drawing, three folds in the metal create the chair’s line.”

Design Nina Kosonen, Lean chair : “Lean was inspired by structural experiments, the variation of dimensions, and visible joints. The outcome is a sculpture-like, slightly flexible chair made of solid wood.”
Design Natalia Baczynska Kimberley, Perch: “Perch is a chair designed for resting. It was inspired by the idea of using wood to create a light, slender, and slightly flexible structure comfortable for sitting. Exploring dimensions and using structure to play with light and shadow have played an important part in the design process.”

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