Better than the MerLion: Studio Magee’s Lilianna Manahan is the “MerChicken”

Made me laugh… Studio Magee‘s Lilianna Manahan introduced her “MerChicken”, half-mermaid and half-chicken creature, during the Design & Lifestyle FAME fair in Manila.

Manahan (who exhibited her designs in Singapore at M&O Asia in March, alongside her mentor and Designer of the Year Kenneth Cobonpue) studied design at the Central St Martins School in London, and at the University of the Philippines. She launched Studio Magee in 2011.

Merchicken  \ˈmer-chi-kən (noun)

1.  :  the vanguard of Studio Magee’s army. He charges forward to lead the troops into victory

2.  :  the first of Studio Magee’s animal creations, the iconic Merchicken has been produced in several materials and colors

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