Paper John reinvents the grocery bag (Made in Germany)

Designed (or re-designed) by the Hamburg-based Ogata ‘s creative team, the traditional paper grocery bag has found a new purpose. “In our everyday life we are used to move from place to place with our bicycles,” declared Ogata founders Dennis Rasch and Cornelius Voss.

“When we went shopping for groceries we often wondered, how are we going to transport these back home in a secure and comfortable way? It quickly came to our minds that the most ​comfortable way to carry weight is on one’s back, irrespective of whether you are going by foot or by bike.”

And the Paper John backpack was born. (…)

Doubling as a shopping bag, made out of recycled craft paper, easy to brand and offered at the same price as a regular grocery bag.

Ogata found a method of producing the Paper John at high volumes thanks to a German engineering company they have teamed up with. Introduced on the crowdfunding platform StartNext, Ogata’s paper John is hoping to hit a pledge goal of €600,000 by late September 2015.

(source: WallpaperOgata)

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