The Paris Design Week 2015 has just started

The fifth edition of the Paris Design Week, scheduled to overlap with the M&O Paris fair, started on Saturday 5 and will last until to Saturday 12, September 2015.
French and international professionals will offer the best showcases of design in Paris, while the leading talents in the discipline gather in the now! le Off exhibition.

The itinerary unites 300 participants this year, new collections are popping up in stores and unprecedented concepts will be aunched, bringing together designers, retailers, galleries, showrooms, hotels and restaurants with exhibitions, happenings, late-night openings, debates and installations.

Not to be missed: the ARRO Studio showcase in the “Iconic” section at Les Docks, Cité de la Mode et du Design, the Wonder 500 items made & selected in Japan, the DesignPorn exhibition – imagined as “a response to the obscenity of overconsumption” – or the innovative and well-thought “J’aime le lin” event (the very surprising “I love linen” itinerary), initiated by the European Confederation of Linen & Hemp.

Last but not least, the must-see, must-try event “Thinking Food Design” at the Galerie Joseph, organized by Marc Brétillot (#fooddesignicon!) and his accomplice Earlwyn Covington. Icing on the cake, they had the brilliant idea to invite our favorite “Eating designer”, Marije Vogelzang.

Stay tuned, more to come soon!

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