Bake fabrics, not bread: Issey Miyake’s Baked Stretch


Stop baking bread, this is so 2015… Now, follow Issey Miyake’s advice and pop some fabric into your oven instead.

His “Baked Stretch” is a new version of his famous, trademark pleats created from an innovative technique. Fabric (a fabric with special heat reactive properties) is imprinted with a specific glue, then placed into a “baking machine” – not your regular oven, needless to say, but the kind of machine used for transferring prints onto cloth. And voilà!

The process could be compared to bread rising in the oven as it bakes: the glue expands when the heat goes up, transforming the molds of the pleats to complete the clothing. You can read more about the process and discover the Baked Stretch designs from his S/S 2016 collection on Miyake’s website.


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