M/B as in “Mind/Blowing”: Creatives to keep an eye on


They are funny, gifted and sassy. “They” are M/B, the founders of this Parisian creative agency launched in 2011 by artistic director Marine de Bouchony and photographer Camille de Laurens. After several years experiencing with fashion and culture, the two friends decided to join their forces and set up M/B, producing contents, designing brand identities, consulting, creating scenographies and planning various events.

“M/B. is Merci/Beaucoup, Much/Better, Mister/Bean, Mind/Blowing – but first and foremost it’s Camille, Marine, Mylène and Anne-Sophie.”Since their beginnings, the four accomplices have worked their magic for Asos, Etam, NellyRodi, Jean Paul Gaultier or Molteni.

The pictures published here were imagined for Milh’s first birthday. For this “2.0 habershary”, the team took inspiration from the Dutch 17th Century masters to create a series of still-life witty and poetic scenes. “A ball of carded wool turned into a cream cake, a shimmering ribbon as a plate of caviar… Breakfast, lunch, tea break and diner, place your order, everybody will get their very own happy Milh!” They definitely are on our Watch List.





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