Cherry blossoms in Finland

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It took four years to craft, but it was worth the wait. The design industry is cooing over this new collection, the love child of two design icons: Japanese fashion company Issey Miyake and Finnish home design brand Iittala’s collaboration flaunts perfect organic shapes and delicate colors, mixing technologically innovative and traditional materials. Jeremiah Tesolin, Creative Director at Iittala, has lifted the veil for The LuxPad:

“The topic of Iittala and Miyake Design Studio sharing the same values and mutual respect towards each other came up in the discussions between Iittala Design Director Harri Koskinen and Miyake Design Studio. We admire the work of Miyake Design Studio very much and we were thrilled when we got the response that the feeling and the willingness to collaborate was mutual. The discussions and the product development started from there and now, after four years, the collection is ready and launching.”

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“The whole process was a continued discussion and the concept an evolutionary process. We got very excited on working together, but did not know at all in the beginning what it is that we could do together. Both brands knew the core of each other and the design DNA; in which we have a lot in common. The actual work proceeded through discussion, iteration process, testing and sampling, and went through many streams of design ideas, the collection came together little by little through this iteration of work.”
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“Nature has been one of the key inspirations for the collection, and is brought to the product design in a subtle way. The colours we have used are reflections of nature, which is a very important element in the life of both Japanese and Finnish people. The green alludes to the forest and the awakening of the spring after the long winter, and the pink and the grey shades reference the Sakura, the blossoming of the cherry trees in Japan.”
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