And the 2017 Pritzker Prize goes to…


Some were certainly unsettled by the news that relatively little-known Catalan studio RCR Arquitectes have won this year’s prestigious Pritzker Prize, widely considered as the Nobel of Architecture. Their work ranges from public and private spaces to cultural venues and educational institutions, each designed to closely relate to the environment of its site.

Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta set up their practice in their home town of Olot, Catalonia, in 1988. Working locally to start with, the three partners have designed an athletics track for the town in 2000, where they set up their office in an old foundry a few years later. RCR Arquitectes‘ other projects in Olot or Spain’s Girona province include a private house and a restaurant, a winery (above picture), a kindergarten and a public theatre.

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