Don’t take yourself too seriously, this is just design

Black disco kollektiv-slaviero-bueters

While the 2017 edition of the Milan Salone is starting, the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague, reminds us that, beyond the frenzy, this is… well, just design. Black Disko Kollektiv was imagined by “the third year students in furniture design of the RAA, The Hague. Dissecting the simple but effective concept of “echo chambers”, a social media phenomenon accused of so much these days, but mostly of being undeservingly successful in its mockery of the truth Black Disko Kollektiv examines if the two pillars of the echo chamber, ‘lying and repetition’, can also be translated into a series of furniture that are at best very obviously not what they appear to be and at worst a loud and distasteful statement aiming to create division.” As a conclusion, their demystifying hashtags say it all: #fakegold #fakemarble #fakediamonds #fakefur #loldutchdesign

Don’t take yourself too seriously: this is just design, after all…


Photography:  Chloë van Diepen
Art direction/Image editing:  Tessa Koot
Art direction /Set design:  Manon Stoeltie
Set dressing:  Black Disko kollektiv, Sophie Johanna
Tutors:  Krijn Christiaanse, Tessa Koot, Cathelijne Montens


Black disco kollektiv

Black disco kollektiv-Smaviero

Black disco kollektiv-Petra Popangelova-Yamile Bueters-Maarten Slof

Black disco kollektiv-bagdat sert





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