When James Franco recreates Cindy Sherman’s “untitled films stills”

Art as imitation and re-creation: Actor James Franco "reinterprets" Cindy Sherman's self-portraits, famously displaying various scenarios parodying stereotypes of woman. Spoof, or art? Someone at Pace Gallery in New York seems to have found this serious enough to show the works (and that Franco would bring some famous friends along with him on the opening night?). What about Cindy Sherman herself? Apparently she felt flattered, but not so convinced this is actual art.

David Bailey’s Stardust

One of the biggest names in the field of photography and the visual arts, David Bailey has been working his magic for more than half a century. At the occasion of the "Bailey’s Stardust" exhibition (until June), the London National Portrait Gallery showcases some of his most iconic artworks -over 250 images, personally selected and printed by Bailey, presented thematically. Famous or anonymous faces met in London, Paris, New Guinea, all of them unforgettable through Bailey's lense. (more after the jump)

Sanctuary of Topsy Turvy, Singapore

Photographer Yuki Onodera was born in Japan in 1962. She lives and works in Paris - but Singaporeans can admire her photographs at the 2902 Gallery . The Sanctuary of Topsy Turvy, her first solo exhibition in Singapore, presents works made over a decade. Fun, personal, hybrid pieces of art. Onodera was awarded both Higashikawa and Ihei Kimura prizes in Japan, and the coveted Prix Niepce in France. Only a few days left, so grab this opportunity (2902 Gallery until Feb. 28).

Soldeville: Memories of Bugis Street & Boogie Nights

Upon arrival in Singapore, we spent a couple of months in the Bugis neighbourhood. I soon grew fascinated by its colourful story. From the 1950's to 1980's, Bugis Street was known in the whole world for its nightly parade of the flamboyantly-attired transgendered community - a one-of-a-kind attraction in Asia. French photographer Alain Soldeville stopped there in 1980, a young man then touring Asia and Australia. He recounts memories of the moving encounters he made, unveiling a side of Singapore history that many might be unfamiliar with. Recently, Soldeville came accross the long-forgotten, numerous pictures he had taken. The following illustrations are just a few among many jewels. Go and enjoy a trip down memory lane at the OBJECTIFS Gallery before March 13th. "Looking back", the photographer reflects, "I believe I meant those photos to be portraits of these people I had come to consider friends, wishing to show their fragility, their humanity rather than documenting a situation, news style." (…)

Tim Walker, Story Teller

Le photographe Tim Walker a eu la chance, à peine son diplôme obtenu en 1994, de quitter Londres pour New York, où l'attendait le poste très convoité d'assistant personnel de l'immense Richard Avedon. Presque deux décennies plus tard, Tim Walker a illustré les pages de magazines de mode de centaines de clichés plus surprenants et inattendus les uns que les autres. Une exposition et un livre (chez Thames & Hudson) racontent en images la vie et la carrière de Tim Walker, génial story teller de la mode. A hardly graduated Tim Walker was lucky enough to leave London and fly to New York in 1994, where he became no less but the personal assistant to the prodigious photographer Richard Avedon. Almost twenty years later, having graced glossy fashion magazines with many amazing and marvelously wacky pictures, Tim Walker is being offered an exhibition and a book (published by Thames & Hudson), illustrating the life and career of this very gifted fashion stories teller.

Monique Habraken, Pinhole Window View: ombres & lumière

La designer néerlandaise Monique Habraken a dompté ombre et lumière à travers son projet ""Pinhole Window View". Elle explique retourner, "en cette ère dominée par la photographie digitale, à l'origine de l'image". Dutch designer Monique Habraken tamed light and shadows with her "Pinhole Window View" textile project, returning, she says, "to the origins of the image, in an age dominated by digital photography".

Raw Color: Pierre Gagnaire x Martin Creed

Nowness magazine has commissioned design studio Raw Color by  to immortalize artist and Turner Prize winner Martin Creed's collaboration with famous chef Pierre Gagnaire at the Sketch restaurant, London. Le studio de design Raw Color s'est vu commander par le magazine Nowness une série d'oeuvres immortalisant la collaboration entre l'artiste Martin Creed (récipiendaire d'un prix Turner) et le célèbre chef Pierre Gagnaire au restaurant Sketch, à Londres.

Ofra Lapid, Broken Houses

Architectural decaying process turned into works of art: Pictures taken by an amateur photographer from North Dakota (USA) of abandoned structures are turned into small-scale models by Ofra Lapid. The Israeli artist then prints 30x36cm photographs of the models, set on a grey background. Le processus de décomposition architecturale vu à travers l'oeil de l'artiste : à partir de photographies d'un amateur habitant le Dakota du nord (USA), figurant des bâtiments laissés à l'abandon, Ofra Lapid fabrique des modèles réduits. L'artiste israélienne immortalise ensuite son travail, sur un fond gris, en tirages de 30x36cm.