Metamoforms by Sacha Walckhoff

They can be seats, or sculptures, or play any role you will like them to play: The mouth-blown Metamorforms were designed by Sacha Walckoff for Paris-based Galerie Gosserez and to fulfill your very own desires.

“Human Organs-on-Chips” wins Design of the Year Award 2015

Human Organs-on-Chips, designed by Donald Ingber and Dan Dongeun Huh at Harvard University’s Wyss Institute, has won the Design Museum Design of the Year Award for 2015 - the first medical device to win this prestigious reward. The Human Organs-on-Chips were nominated by Paola Antonelli, MoMA's Senior Curator of Architecture & Design and Director of R&D, who called the project "the epitome of design innovation – elegantly beautiful form, arresting concept and pioneering application."

Playing Cowboys and Indians: NAB design

Missing those fun-filled days playing cowboys & Indians? Inspired by the North-American Indian legacy, Nicolas Abdelkader designed a coat hanger made of hand-turned beechwood. Initially trained as a draughtsman, the French designer spent 8 years working in architectural firms before setting up his own design studio, NAB, in 2014. Nicolas Abdelkader is focused on "establishing a strong interaction between the user and the object - turning this latter into an actual "Plus one" rather than seeing it as an inanimate object." Aiming towards implementing a dynamic based on material, sustainability and human interaction, the designer adds his personal touch: a pinch of humor. "Design shouldn't take itself too seriously!"

The fabric NY apartment: Do Ho Suh at Contemporary Austin

Do Ho Suh’s former New York apartment at 348 West 22nd Street has moved to Austin, Texas. The abstract Korean artist designed the structure & layout out of sheer polyester threads and stainless steel tubing. Exhibited at the Contemporary Austin museum, visitors can walk through the apartment, complete with replicas of a stove, a radiator, a toilet and a shower designed and recreated after Do Ho Suh's New York apartment.

Elisa Honkanen: «What the water gave me»

Elisa Honkanen just presented her new chair  during the DMY International Design Festival 2014, in the hangars of the old Tempelhof airport. "This winter was exceptionally wet in the UK," the designer explained. "News were full of images of landscapes after flooding, reminding us once again of our fragility against nature. This made me want to create an object that would humbly present how we somehow always find the strength to continue and look into the future, no matter from how poor conditions we start rebuilding our lives."

Okum has the (electric) power

No more unsightly mess! Los-Angeles Based designer David Okum gave the power cord a major makeover. Made of hard maple wood, the polished balls and cubes hide three power outlets. The Oon Cord comes in three different color combinations. David Okum studied philosophy at UCLA before studying at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena (California). The founder of OKUM studio, David works for such brands as Bernhardt Design. He also designed and built The Mohawk General Store in Pasadena.

Baan cupboard, Partly Cloudy design studio

Are you nostalgic of your childhood's doll house? Thanks to Bangkok-based designers Paitoon Keatkeereerut and Chawin Hanjing (Partly Cloudly design studio), you may now indulge in playing with this full-grown version, a versatile dinnerware or kitchen cupboard named "Baan" (meaning home in Thai language). At first, the Partly Cloudy designers were crafting their wood and metal houses as display cases for various shops. Due to an ever increasing demand, they started designing bespoke ones for customers all over Asia.