Nokia x Gestalten: the essence & ambition of Finnish design

What makes the essence of Finnish design? Nokia Design and Gestalten collaborated to publish Out of the Blue. This book showcases Finland’s unique design culture, embodied by legendary figures (like Alvar Aalto, Tapio Wirkkala), heritage manufacturers (Marimekko, Iitalla, Artek, Nokia), and a new generation of chefs, explorers, makers, entrepreneurs…

“Golden Meaning”: Designing mathematics

Published by GraphicDesign& (founded by Lucienne Roberts and Rebecca Wright), "Golden Meaning" presents works by 55 designers and creatives invited to share a personal view of a mathematical concept: the golden ratio - AKA the golden mean or divine proportion. Finding its roots in the civilization of Ancient Greece, the golden ratio has been used for centuries to create work with harmonious proportions in the art and architecture fields. Mathematically accurate? Not always, though this book offers creative (Homework Studio turned the Fibonacci sequence into a glorious "golden ass", see below) and understandable visualizations of a complex theory. Designer Mark Hudson drew comparisons between the proportions of everyday objects in Britain, from a Kit Kat chocolate bar to a post stamp. French graphic designer Malika Favre imagined a woman using a golden ratio grid (above). Design studio Bibliotheque devised a mnemonic to help people remember the golden ratio as an angle, while Oli Kellett got a picture of his face altered by a surgeon who uses the golden ratio to determine how a beautiful face should look.

Sarah Illenberger

Browsing Gestalten's website, I was glad to come across this book gathering Sarah Illenberger's works. Her style is a mix of photography, art, graphic design, as displayed in "Sarah Illenberger" (2011), the first monograph dedicated to the Berlin-based artist and designer (including commissioned designs for Vanity Fair, Süddeutsche Zeitung,Wallpaper, and Nike, and a selection of personal projects).

The Journey of Sebastian Errazuriz

Gestalten publie la première monographie du designer chilien Sebastian Errazuriz. Le livre égrène au fil des pages les oeuvres d'Errazuriz (“avant-gardistes avec humour” selon le New York Times) et les compte rendus de certaines conversations avec Paola Antonelli (MoMA) et autres personnalités du marché de l'art et du design. Gestalten just published Chilean designer Sebastian Errazuriz's first monograph. The book displays the New-York based designer's work (“humorously avant-garde” according to the New York Times) and conversations Errazuriz with MoMA senior curator Paola Antonelli, among other art & design markets high-profile people.

Eat me! An appetite for design

Le design de la couverture, façon gaufrette craquante, met l'eau à la bouche : le livre "Eat Me: Appetite For Design" (Victionary) égrène de nombreux exemples de mariages entre design et nourriture. Design d'emballages de produits alimentaires, identité visuelle, design culinaire, aménagement intérieurs de restaurants, happenings artistiques autour de la nourriture, expériences culinaires variées s'accompagnent de préambules et études de cas signées de professionnels, tels les 5,5 designers, Aïssa Logerot et bien d'autres. With a mouth-watering wafer cover design, Victionary's book "Eat Me: Appetite For Design" displays numerous yummy food-related design instances: food packaging projects, restaurant interiors, food-based art projects, social events and happenings, culinary experiments. With forewords and case studies written by contributions such as 5,5 designers, Aïssa Logerot and many more.