The Ray chair by Lera Moiseeva has an intriguing profile

Lera Moiseeva's "Ray" chair certainly has an eye-catching profile! The Russian designer will officially introduce her new chair during the "Naturalist show" (attempting to "capture Nature into an artifact") at the Stockholm Light & Furniture Fair, in the Greenhouse section. "The higher a stem of a plant reaches to the light, the deeper its roots grow into the ground. The nature of this chair works according to the same principle; the legs of the chair work as roots, that give life to the stable and firm seat. The Ray chair is made from tubular steel and can be used indoor and outdoor.

Some Karakter: Joe Colombo’s Modello 300 Chair is Back

It's back! Thanks to Karakter, the Copenhagen-based brand behind this relaunch. Joe Colombo' believed in democratic and functional design - meaning the Italian designer was always focusing on the user. His designs were to be easily packed, handled, shipped and assembled – the knock-down furniture. One of those was the Modello 300 dining chair, which certainly puts (at last) flat-packed furniture in quite a flattering light...

Alexander Lervik, Spike Chair

Croyez-le ou non, cet objet est une chaise. Bravant le danger, je l'ai essayée à Stockholm (où elle faisait ses débuts) encouragée par son designer, Alexander Lervik. Surprise : la Spike chair est étonnamment confortable. Yes, believe it or not, this is a chair. And I was brave enough to test it when it was introduced in Stockholm - dared by its designer, Alexander Lervik. Did it hurt? Well, the Spike chair feels surprisingly comfortable.

Une mine de Eames aux enchères

"RAR", "DSW", "DCM", "DSM" : les acronymes bien connus des Eames' addicts sont pléthore dans cette vente de design vintage, qui se tiendra à Rennes le 5 octobre.