Some Karakter: Joe Colombo’s Modello 300 Chair is Back

It's back! Thanks to Karakter, the Copenhagen-based brand behind this relaunch. Joe Colombo' believed in democratic and functional design - meaning the Italian designer was always focusing on the user. His designs were to be easily packed, handled, shipped and assembled – the knock-down furniture. One of those was the Modello 300 dining chair, which certainly puts (at last) flat-packed furniture in quite a flattering light...

Johanna Paulsson, Pouf & Aperire

Johanna Paulsson is a Swedish, Copenhagen-based furniture, product and spatial designer. Felt is one of her favorite ways of expression, as both her Aperire and Poof projects illustrate. La suédoise Johanna Paulsson vit à Copenhague, où elle travaille dans les domaines du design de mobilier, design produit et d'espaces. Le feutre s'avère l'un de ses biais d'expression favoris, comme en témoignent ses projets Aperire et Poof .