25 Years of Dutch Design: Playtime!

In the beautiful city of Utrecht (The Netherlands), the Workshop of Wonders gallery presents "PLAY TIME! 25 Dutch Design Years". The exhibition, which will run until the 2nd of June, marks the 25th anniversary of the place, accordingly echoing 25 years of Dutch Design. Workshop of Wonders chose to spotlight the four Dutch designers who played a main role in both the Dutch design history and the gallery adventure: Ineke Hans, Richard Hutten, Edward van Vliet and Marcel Wanders. As renowned members of the "new generation", Dutch Design duo Daphna Laurens were invited to design the show.

Daphna Laurens x Wittmann Company

A l'occasion de la Design week de Vienne, Daphna Laurens a collaboré avec la Wittmann Company. Cette entreprise de sellerie et de tapisserie autrichienne a été fondée il y a plus de cent ans. During the Vienna Design Week, Daphna Laurens has collaborated with the Wittmann Company, a well known, hundred years old Austrian saddlery and upholstery specialist.

Daphna Laurens & Raw Color, Cirkel Collection Graphics

Designer Daphna Laurens turned her Cirkel collection (circular-shaped mirrors and furniture that were partly inspired by the works of László Moholy-Nagy) into posters, with the help of fellow designers Raw Color. La designer Daphna Laurens a décliné sa collection Cirkel (miroirs et meubles aux formes circulaires, inspirés des oeuvres de László Moholy-Nagy) en posters, dont elle a confié la réalisation aux designers de Raw Color.