Is Modernism dead? The sinking of Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye

Danish artist Asmund Havsteen-Mikkelsen's installation Flooded Modernity, a full-scale, 15 x 6 x 9m model of a corner of Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye (1929), will float in the waters of Vejle, Denmark, until September 2nd. The sculpture, made of wood, polystyrene, and Plexiglas, is part of the Vejle Floating Art Festival.  The artist, Asmund Havsteen-Mikkelsen, imagined the 11,000-pound work of art as a comment on the ‘sinking’ of the public sphere after the disclosure of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the manipulation of democratic elections through social media.

Some Karakter: Joe Colombo’s Modello 300 Chair is Back

It's back! Thanks to Karakter, the Copenhagen-based brand behind this relaunch. Joe Colombo' believed in democratic and functional design - meaning the Italian designer was always focusing on the user. His designs were to be easily packed, handled, shipped and assembled – the knock-down furniture. One of those was the Modello 300 dining chair, which certainly puts (at last) flat-packed furniture in quite a flattering light...

Inga Sempé for Hay

French designer Inga Sempé's Pinorama board is now available at Hay (Denmark). Pinorama was designed as a board "for all the little things you want to keep handy or aren’t sure where to put, a flexible wall module that helps you organize your everyday life, providing a functional, charming and versatile storage solution", the designer says. The perforated metal has a cork back to pin up papers and pictures. The system also features optional shelves, cylinders or mirrors that can be attached to the metal grid.

Design fail: Even designers can get drunk

Yes, design failures happen. This strange attempt at fixing something which wasn't broken, so to speak, originated from Norm architects. The Danish architecture & design studio intended to make beer taste better by whisking up beery foam to pour on top of your glass. Were they drunk when they first had this idea? One can reasonably imagine they must have been, hence unable to pour their beer properly. But, then, it probably took some time developing this gizmo… A winter-long drunken haze? Le monde du design n'est pas à l'abri du ratage. Cette étrange tentative de réparer une chose qui n'était pas cassée est signée Norm architects. Le studio d'architecture et de design danois avait l'intention de conférer un meilleur goût à votre bière, en imaginant un stratagème pour générer plus de mousse, qui viendrait ensuite couronner votre boisson. Etaient-ils saouls quand l'idée a germé ? On peut l'imaginer - ce qui pourrait expliquer (simple hypothèse) leur incapacité à servir une bière convenablement. Mais il a bien fallu quelques mois pour développer ce gadget… Et une certaine quantité de bière pour traverser le long et rude hiver danois.

Bente Skjøttgaard

Are these flowers, clouds - or both? Ceramic designer Bente Skjøttgaard's works escape definition and defy gravity. The Danish artist recently entered the permanent collections of such renowned museums as the Victoria & Albert (London) and the Manufacture Royale de Sèvres, Cité de la Céramique. Skjøttgaard considers her pieces as "amorphous abstractions of nature", adding: "The fantastic thing about clay is that what is nature's own material can constantly be transformed into something new and relevant" (Galerie Maria Lund, Paris).

A Century of Finn Juhl

If you never had the opportunity of visiting Finn Juhl's house in Denmark, but happen to be in Paris next June, go & visit the "Asseyez-vous !" ("Sit down!") exhibition at the Maison du Danemark. (...) Si vous n'avez jamais eu l'opportunité de visiter la maison du designer danois Finn Juhl, et êtes à Paris au mois de juin, allez visiter l'exposition "Asseyez-vous !" à la Maison du Danemark. (...)