25 Years of Dutch Design: Playtime!

In the beautiful city of Utrecht (The Netherlands), the Workshop of Wonders gallery presents "PLAY TIME! 25 Dutch Design Years". The exhibition, which will run until the 2nd of June, marks the 25th anniversary of the place, accordingly echoing 25 years of Dutch Design. Workshop of Wonders chose to spotlight the four Dutch designers who played a main role in both the Dutch design history and the gallery adventure: Ineke Hans, Richard Hutten, Edward van Vliet and Marcel Wanders. As renowned members of the "new generation", Dutch Design duo Daphna Laurens were invited to design the show.

Dutch design super models: the doll house

Hippest. Doll house. Ever. Imagine a toy designed by the most famouse Dutch designers, artists and architects, asked to imagine and build an interior at scale 1:12. Amongst them are designers & architects Makkink & Bey, Ineke Hans, Scholten & Baijings, textile designer Claudy Jongstra, wayfinding specialist Mijksenaar, exhibition designers Kossmann.dejong, artist Krijn de Koning and furniture manufacturer DUM. Together, these designs to scale, ranging from hotel rooms, to offices and exhibition galleries, form the "Dutch Design (Doll) House", on display at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

Degeneration of Modernism? Tessa Koot, the Sorry Collection

Mart Stam, El Lissitzky and Gerrit Rietveld en route for Milan… If the Bauhaus and De Stijl members could come back to life today, would their work be considered relevent? The "Sorry Collection" by Tessa Koot, an installation of handcrafted furniture commisioned by Dutch entrepeneur Bob Hutten, gives us a few hints. The Dutch designer, whose freedom in process and concepts is pivotal to her designs, was "never really restricted by conventions of functionality and comfort. Koot looked to the modernist movements of the first half of the 20th century for inspiration and significance.
 Using new materials and techniques, unconcerned with the necessary know-how, resulted in a new form of risk taking as of yet not proven succesful in terms of sustaining the ravages of time… but hey!" Tessa Koot collaborated with photographer Lisa Klappe to stage her Sorry Collection, in a setting "loosely refering to the infamous execution of the 1937 Degenerate Art Exhibition", organized by the Nazis in order to rally public opinion against modernist artists. The Sorry Collection is on show at the Studio Paul Heijnen Exhibition 'KORTE METTEN' during the Milan Salone.

Tessa Koot has “Tropical dreams” of her own

This is a strange cocktail - think "Maarten Baas meets Miami Bling"... Tessa Koot, an Eindhoven-based designer, says she doesn't mind her Design-aesthetic resembling "an 80's haircut, very out and prout, but not all that resistant against the ravages of time". Organic shapes and angles, wood and marble, her "Tropical dreams" collection include seats, lamps, sculptured pieces. The uncanny She's a tiger cabinet displays a very Art deco bas-relief in the style of George-Laurent Saupique, whereas the Little slave girl dreaming, perched on the  dressing table, strangely echoes artifacts from the 1931 "Exposition coloniale internationale"... C'est un cocktail étrange, un mélange improbable de Maarten Baas mâtiné d'art déco bling-bling façon Miami... Tessa Koot, designer d'Eindhoven, déclare qu'elle ne voit pas d'inconvénient à ce que son esthétique soit comparée à une "coupe de cheveux des années 1980, affirmée et forte, mais pas du tout résistante aux ravages du temps." Des formes organiques et des angles, du bois ou du marbre, la collection "Tropical dreams" comprend chaise, tabouret, table, lampes, sculptures. Comme cet invraisemblable petit meuble de rangement (She's a tiger) arborant un bas-relief  Art deco dans le style de George-Laurent Saupique, ou sa Little slave girl dreaming, perchée sur une coiffeuse, qui nous semble une étrange réminiscence des oeuvres exposées au cours "l'Exposition coloniale internationale" de 1931...

Happy Birthday, Friso Kramer

Il n'avait jamais vu son travail exposé à Paris; à l'occasion du 90eme anniversaire du mythique designer néerlandais, la galeriste Catherine Houard consacre une exposition à Friso Kramer. Chaises et fauteuils emblématiques du style moderne (les familiers Revolt, Resort et Repose, créés dans les années 1950 et 1960) ou bibliothèques seront exposés jusqu'au 8 mars. He had never seen his work exhibited in Paris: on the occasion of his 90th birthday, French galerist Catherine Houard offers iconic Dutch designer Friso Kramer a retrospective exhibition. Mid-Century modern Chairs & armchairs (1950's and 1960's Revolt , Resort & Repose seats will undoubtedly cut familiar figures to all visitors) and bookshelves are on display until March, 8th.

Debbie Wijskamp, Paperpulp +

Ses bibliothèques et rangements de papier mâché avaient réussi la prouesse de vaillamment soutenir des piles de lourds ouvrages, sans jamais défaillir… La designer néerlandaise Debbie Wijskamp tâte une fois encore de son medium favori, qu'elle est désormais parvenue à rendre résistant à l'eau : la série "Paperpulp +" se décline en vases, grands bols, d'une finesse aussi surprenante que la solidité de la matière. A few years ago, we wondered how her bookcases and various shelves could support so many books and heavy knickknacks… Dutch designer Debbie Wijskamp coated her paperpulp (one of her favourite medium) objects with epoxy resin: despite their apparent fragility, the delicate-looking vases and bowls of the "Paperpulp +" series resist almost everything, including water and generous heaps of fruits.

Christien Meindertsma nominée aux Designs Of The Year 2012

Design, tradition, reinterpretation: Dutch designer Christien Meindertsma has been nominated for the Designs of the Year Furniture Award 2012 (Design Museum London) with her "Oak Inside" collection for Thomas Eyck. Design, tradition, réinterpretation: la designer néerlandaise Christien Meindertsma est nominée pour les Designs of the Year Awards 2012 (Design Museum London) dans la catégorie mobilier avec sa collection "Oak Inside", éditée chez Thomas Eyck.