Loewe’s strange tribute to Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Loewe x Mackintosh - This capsule collection may leave the fans of the famed "Glasgow Four" a bit puzzled... To mark the visionary designer and architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh's 150 birthday - and following the dramatic fire that destroyed his masterpiece, the Glasgow School of Art-, Loewe has just unveiled a tribute collection. Jonathan Anderson, the artistic director of the renowned Spanish luxury brand, has widely spoken about his fascination with the arts and crafts movement, himself an avid collector of works by William Morris and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. But as much as one can admire Ms Cranston's tearoom rose pattern, was it necessary to design an all-over patterned garment? Yes, it looks awkward. Likewise, Mackintosh's most famous geometrical patterns have been used very literally, leaving no space for re-interpretation whatsoever. Glaswegians coined a term that could apply to those: "Mockintosheries". (...)

Ceci n’est pas une caméra

Robert Stewart a épinglé la fameuse CCTV (closed-circuit television, ou télésurveillance) chère aux citoyens britanniques : l'artiste et maquettiste (dont la tâche quotidienne porte sur de très officielles maquettes d'architecture) a réalisé pour la galerie Recoat une "sculpture" figurant la familière silhouette de caméra de télésurveillance.

Papier peint “sous acide” : Timorous Beasties

"London toile", "Napoleon bee" : leurs tissus et papiers peints sont devenus des best sellers. Le studio de design Timorous Beasties a été fondé en 1990 par Alistair McAuley et Paul Simmons,