Another French Revolution: Design & Prisunic in the 1970’s

From Terence Conran to Andrée Putman, major names in the design industry embarked upon Prisunic's quest for "Beauty for the price of ugliness", and good design for all. It all started during the 1930's, following the stock market crash of 1929, when famous Parisian department store Le Printemps decided to spruce up and launch a new concept. In 1936, the brand "Prisunic" was born (literally: "unique prices"). From the beginning, this innovative approach met a huge success. Renowned furniture and graphic designers or photographers gradually whipped up the perfect image, offering an avant-garde lifestyle and an affordable "new look" for interiors that left a strong imprint. The epitome of Prisunic's success came in the 1970s. (...)

The delicate art of Asya Kozina’s paper wigs

Ukrainian graphic designer and artist Asya Kozina created these uncanny and mesmerizing paper wigs. For her own pleasure or for brands, Asya picks up traditional patterns and motifs, costumes and fashion aesthetics from various historical time periods to turn them into contemporary paper designs: "Historical wigs always fascinated me, especially the Baroque era. This is art for art's sake aesthetics for aesthetics, no practical sense. But they are beautiful. I made a series of wigs. Paper helps to highlight in this case the main form and not be obsessed by unnecessary details." (…)

A-maze-ing chocolate bars, Fortuito

Designed by Madrid-based Fernando Orellana, aka Fortuito, these self-promotional chocolates bars sport a a piped chocolate maze tangled around the logo, flavor, and name of the chocolatier. A simple color code and a retro-but-not-too-much bit of styling, for an efficient result. We have no idea how great the chocolate tastes like, but it certainly looks appealing enough...

Box up your resume

A graphic design professor at the São Paulo School of Fine arts, Samuel Profeta published the final "Creativity and Innovation" project of the Graduate Diploma in Design Management his is supervising. The goal of this project?  Creating an unconventional resume in an innovative platform. All the informations (professional skills, experience, social media stats, contact) are printed on a cardboard package similar to milk or juice ones, as if they were texts from a product.

Mike Ellis, Room For Rent

"Room For Rent" is an experiential installation imagined by Toronto-based illustrator and graphic designer  Mike Ellis (The New Yorker, The Boston Globe). "Ellis designed a three-dimensional miniature house to contain a series of bedrooms which the gallery patron can view. With the help of multicoloured LEDs, the illustrations come to life within the house, exposing things that may not be seen under normal circumstances.

Janine Rewell x Minna Parikka

Helsinki-based Janine Rewell, a multi-awarded illustrator and graphic designer, imagined this ad campaign for Finnish shoe brand Minna Parikka SS14. The amazing bodypaint, replicating Rewell's design in the background, was executed by Saara Sarvas & Riina Laine (photography by Jonas Lundqvist)