Kaja Solgaard, Tapputi and the Sea

Norwegian designer Kaja Solgaard (whose previous projects have been featured here) presented us with her last work: Tapputi & the sea.  For her graduation at ECAL (Lausanne, Switzerland), she imagined solid perfume designs, complete with experimental scent holders and appliers. Taputti is the first chemist ever mentioned in the history of perfumes, estimated to have lived and worked 3,000 years before Christ in Mesopotamia. Tapputi & the sea, explain the designer, is "a story about the meeting between fragrance and material, a future take on the luxury of cosmetics and natural materials role in such objects. The sea sponge is meant to visually speak about the scent and it functions physically as the holder of the perfume which is casted onto it. The glass protects the perfume from light, oxygen and heat, and it visualizes the shapes."

Poetic Interactions, Kaja Solgaard: “Design is more than visual and functional thoughts”

Les lecteurs de Sleek design se souviendront peut-être de son projet Bloomsbury (rencontre osée entre une table Ikea et une commode Louis XV). La designer norvégienne Kaja Solgaard est désormais diplômée de la Beckmans School; le fabricant de tissu Kvadrat a a sponsorisé la production de son projet d'examen, Poetic Interactions. Sleek design readers will perhaps remember her cheeky Bloomsbury project (Ikea table vs. antique chest of drawers). Norwegian designer Kaja Solgaard has now graduated from Beckmans Design School. Fabric brand Kvadrat has sponsored the production of her final exam work, entitled Poetic Interactions.

Et le design redeviendra poussière…

La designer norvégienne Kaja Solgaard est une tueuse qui nous veut du bien. Tout commence avec le massacre d'une inoffensive commode sauteuse de style Louis XV. On reconnaît immédiatement son ennuyeuse silhouette au tablier bedonnant, ornée de cuivres maniéristes, ses hautes pattes chichiteuses, sa façade ventrue flanquée de tiroirs dont la manipulation s'accompagne souvent d'une légère odeur de naphtaline.