Monaco goes Nomad again

For its second edition, "NOMAD Monaco" brought together leading collectable design and contemporary art galleries in the Villa La Vigie - previously owned by Karl Lagerfeld. The historic mansion was transformed this past April 26-29th with rare furniture pieces, a lounge conceived by Vincent Darré together with 18 Davies Street Gallery and works by French designer Mathieu Lehanneur showcased at Musée Océanographique.    

Nendo x COS

Swedish brand COS (part of the H&M group) commissioned nendo to create an installation and temporary concept store in Milan during the Salone del Mobile. Among the designed pieces are to be found a ceramic tea set (a modern rounded teapot and two cups, all with thick wooden lids both for insulation and play: they can be used as spinning tops!), ceramic vases in different sizes and shades (to be stacked like building blocks), or two pear-shaped candle stands.

Hinika by Jarrod Lim @ 100% Design Singapore

Spotted with interest at 100% Design Singapore (held within the Marina Bay Sands Convention & Exhibition center, home to Maison&Objet Asia early 2014), the newly launched (and pretty sleek) Hinika products, designed by Jarrod Lim. He grew up in Australia (where his mother was born), where he studied Industrial Design. He then relocated to Europe, to work with no less than world-acclaimed designer Patricia Urquiola. In 2007, Jarrod Lim finally moved to Singapore - homeland of his father - and opened his own studio. Early 2013, Jarrod Lim launched his new brand in Milan during the Salone.  Named "Hinika", it was inspired by the Japanese term ‘itsuno hinika’ - general idea if translated into english would be "someday". Wallpaper magazine celebrated Hinika's debut exhibition, dubbing Lim's offspring as "One of the best new brands to be launched at Salone del Mobile 2013". So, I wondered, what is Hinika's core philosophy? "It is a positive reminder to continue looking forward, ever hopeful, ever curious and constantly striving to create a more beautiful world", explains the Singapore-based designer. "To never stop dreaming. We approach our designs with a feeling of restlessness. An enthusiasm to create something new, something different yet something you feel instantly comfortable with."  To Jarrod Lim, "A wooden chair is simply a wooden chair, but each of us will see that chair in a different light based on how we may have experienced it before. Our aim is to understand these types of relationships that people share with such personal objects and to enhance that experience with unique designs that bring about exciting new encounters." (more pictures after the jump)

Studiopepe, Kora Vase

Designers Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara di Pinto (founders of Studiopepe, set up in Milan in 2006) have created the Kora Vase for Spotti Edizioni. Using quadrichromia on ceramics, they obtained strong, saturated colors, playing with fading effects and graphic lines: a must-have collection. Les designers Arianna Lelli Mami et Chiara di Pinto (fondatrices de Studiopepe, à Milan en 2006) ont imaginé la série de vases Kora pour Spotti Edizioni. En appliquant un traitement quadrichromique sur la céramique, elles ont obtenu des coloris saturés, forts, jouant avec les effets graphiques, d'estompe, de dégradés. On ne se contentera pas d'un seul...

Sara Asnaghi : dans le cerveau d’un Hollandais…

L'humour délicieusement absurde de l'artiste italienne Sara Asnaghi évoque celui des surréalistes belges... Pour une importante manifestation et exposition d'art-thérapie aux Pays-Bas, Asnaghi a ajouté à sa série "What have you got in your head?" trois nouvelles sculptures de cerveaux, clins d'oeil à la gastronomie néerlandaise. With a deliciously absurd humor, Italian artist Sara Asnaghi could be a natural heir to the Belgian Surrealists… For an important art therapy exhibition in the Netherlands, Asnaghi added three brain sculptures to her "What have you got in your head?" series, that refer to Dutch gastronomy.