Kara Mann for Baker / Milling Road launch, Paris

American furnishings company Baker have decided to hand the reins of their casual, more accessible Milling Road brand to designer Kara Mann for a complete relaunch. The Chicago and NY-based designer has devised 54 pieces of furniture for the line, available for purchase this month. With crisp and bold lines, mixing metallic accents and earthy stone, the collection palette is dominated by black, white, and dusty purples and grays—colors that "have a bit of dirt thrown in," explains the designer. After its December debut in High Point (North Carolina), the Kara Mann collection for Baker / Milling Road has just been launched in Paris at the Baker showroom (66 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, 75008 Paris).

Metamoforms by Sacha Walckhoff

They can be seats, or sculptures, or play any role you will like them to play: The mouth-blown Metamorforms were designed by Sacha Walckoff for Paris-based Galerie Gosserez and to fulfill your very own desires.

Tradition with a twist: Rouge Absolu

For lovers of handcrafted pieces and Art Deco-inspired contemporary furniture. French interior designer Geraldine Prieur (Rouge Absolu design studio) presents her first wallpaper, fabrics and furniture collection. Mixing bamboo and precious woods, vivid colours and a retro twist, lamps, chairs, sofas and tables have been traditionally hand-crafted by the Manufacture Henryot et Cie (since 1867) awarded the prestigious ‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’ label. Each piece is stamped and numbered.

Dada-design with a “Rive gauche” twist: Poltrona Frau x Vincent Darré

Enjoy newfound optimism thanks to dadaism! Tzara, Duchamp, Picabia, Dali, Breton, Blumenfeld and Schiaparelli's ghosts will perhaps come back to haunt a few windows of the Bon Marché's department store in Paris at some point before June 21st. Courtesy Vincent Darré & Poltrona Frau (the French designer has imagined these scenes to stage the story of the most iconic pieces produced by the Italian brand. No doubt Sonia Delaunay will appreciate Darré's new version of the T904 bench.) Retrouvez l'optimisme grâce au dadaïsme ! Les fantômes de Tzara, Picabia, Duchamp, Dali, Breton, Blumenfeld et Schiaparelli viendront peut-être hanter les vitrines du Bon Marché à Paris avant le 21 juin. Remercions pour cela Vincent Darré & Poltrona Frau (le designer a imaginé cette scénographie pour raconter l'histoire de certains designs mythiques de la marque italienne. Aucun doute, Sonia Delaunay appréciera les motifs géométriques dont Darré a paré l'assise du banc T904.) (…)