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Melissanthe Panagiotopoulou behind the scenes: « Les légumes » cutlery

London-based, Athens-born Melissanthe Panagiotopoulou likes to experiment with different materials and techniques. « Les légumes » is a series of cutlery pieces, the result of recent metal work for her BA Course in 3D Design at Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts, London. « Being a vegetarian, I see a natural link between food and vegetables [...]
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Clemens Auer, Confessions of Design

Today’s object of curiosity is a ladder: Vienna-based industrial designer Clemens Auer created the very first ladder with rungs made from bentwood. The Austrian designer will display his work as part of the « Confessions of Design » exhibition during the upcoming Milan Salone (April 8-13 2014), at the Rotonda della Besana, Via Enrico Besana 12. L’objet de curiosité [...]
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Born in 1951, brought to life in 2014: Lina Bo Bardi’s Bowl Chair

Italian manufacturer Arper has put designer Lina Bo Bardi’s « Bowl Chair » into production for the very first time since the late Italian-Brazilian designed the piece in 1951, pioneering a more relaxed approach to seating, that was (perhaps a bit too) radical for the time. The reissued chair debuted in Milan last year, and is now available. [...]
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Chaperon Studio

French designer Sebastien Chaperon sent a few pictures of his works, and I was intrigued by some of them. Have a look at his recent Chair 1M (made of Altuglas and steel sheets assembled the way bridges are built) or at the Swallow armchair, prototyped in 2009 (literally sculpted in steel and wood): two different directions, mixing [...]
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1 Side Table, 2 Bouroullec, 62 designers: La Source

Après les paravents en 2010 ou la chaise de Verner Panton en 2011, c’est au tour de la « Side Table » de Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec (avec la généreuse collaboration de son éditeur, Vitra) d’être revue et corrigée par quelque 62 créateurs et designers, dont les oeuvres seront ce soir proposées aux enchères au cours de [...]
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La mystérieuse radio de Charles Eames

Cet étonnant prototype de radio en noyer contreplaqué courbé, signé Charles Eames, a vu le jour en 1946 : fabriquée et offerte par le designer américain à son ami et collaborateur Alexander Girard, elle ne fut cependant jamais produite. This astonishing walnut plywood prototype has been imagined in 1946 by Charles Eames, intended as a [...]
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Audrey Leroy, Scissor Stairs

French interior and product designer Audrey Leroy has imagined and prototyped these multi-purposed stairs: a manageable and sculptural piece. Designer et architecte d’intérieur, Audrey Leroy a imaginé et réalisé cet escalier modulable, peu encombrant et d’allure sculpturale.
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Mich, Stal Collectief

Designed by Stal Collectief, the creative studio behind the gigantic Eliz lamp, the “Mich” stool was inspired by the traditional milking seat. Flat-packed, Mich consists in 4 laser-cut birch plywood parts. Créé par le studio de design Stal Collectief, qui avait précédemment imaginé la démesurée Eliz lamp, le tabouret « Mich » a été inspiré par le tabouret [...]
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