Of toothpicks & design: “A Million Time” at Changi Airport, Humans since 1982

It took four years to complete this uncommon clock, that you can admire in the Terminal 2 at Singapore Changi airport, at the entrance of the departure hall. But to be fair, it took over ten years to its designers, Stockholm-based studio Humans since 1982, to refine this one-of-akind concept; the Changi example is one of its variations. "A Million Times" at Changi is both a kinetic sculpture and functioning clock composed of 504 smaller clocks and 1008 motors. With a width of 7.5m, the entire ‘clock face’ is wider than that of London’s Big Ben (7m). Each of the 1008 clock-hands (504-minute hands and 504-hour hands) are fitted with individual motors, giving the kinetic sculpture the ability to show various patterns, as well as the time and greetings in various languages across different times of the day. Bastian Bischoff and Per Emanuelsson are the founders of Humans since 1982. Since meeting as postgraduate students at HDK Göteborg in 2008, the duo are renowned to have produced works that defy easy categorisation, situated between visual art and product design. Creating objects and experiential installations, they describe their work as "analytical, with a healthy dose of escapism".

Asia meets Scandinavia: designing a “New Layer”

Initiated by the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute (NTCRI), the project started when designers Matti Klenell, Stina Löfgren, Carina Seth Andersson, Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom were invited to Asia in 2012. Two years later, the exhibition titled "A New Layer" will showcase in Stockholm (November 12th to February 8th) the results of this collaboration: contemporary objects made with the ancient technique of lacquer, used in East Asia for over 7000 years. Matti Klenell explains: "The title A New Layer refers to how the lacquer is applied in several layers until the desired surface sheen occurs. Historically, China and Japan have been the prime regions for the development of the lacquer art form. Artisans have not only mastered a single method, but developed a variety of ways in which the coating is used, both as a functional and a decorative material". (…)

Stockholm design week 2013: Glass Elephant

Un ballet peu commun entre de délicats objets de verre et des robots : scénographiée par TAF Arkitekter dans les sous-sols du musée Östasiatiska, sur l'île Skeppsholmen, "Glass Elephant" était l'exposition phare de la Stockholm Design Week 2013. An unprecedented ballet of glass objects and robots: Staged by TAF Arkitekter in the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities’ Skeppsholmen Caverns, "Glass Elephant" was the signature exhibition of the Stockholm Design Week 2013.

Dans le laboratoire secret de Le Corbusier

Le musée d'art moderne de Stockholm (Moderna museet) propose "Moment - Le Corbusier's Secret Laboratory", une exposition qui révèle les diverses dimensions de l'oeuvre de l'architecte et designer. Nombre de sculptures et peintures rarement exposées, objets mécaniques et illustrations variées de sa quête de la forme poétique, autant de pièces issues du "laboratoire secret" de le Corbusier, son atelier de peinture, et qui explorent les résonances entre travail artistique et design architectural. Held at the Stockholm Museum of Modern art (Moderna museet), "Moment - Le Corbusier's Secret Laboratory" displays the many dimensions of the architect and designer's oeuvre, including very seldom shown sculptures and paintings. In Le Corbusier’s painting studio – his “secret laboratory”- are to be found many mechanical objects and artifacts of his the search for poetic forms, investigating the resonances between artistic work and architectural design.

Thinkk Studio, Hide & Seek

Aux orties, le bon vieux paravent articulé ou le pare-feu style Louis XVI ! Decha Archjananun et Ploypan Theerachai (Thinkk design studio) proposent une série de modules de séparation d'espace aussi gais que fonctionnels, facétieusement baptisée "Hide & seek" ("cache-cache"). Say goodbye to lame folding screens and antique fire shields! Decha Archjananun and Ploypan Theerachai (Thinkk design studio) are renewing these functional objects thanks to their cheerful "Hide & seek" series of space dividers.

Viktoria Kindstrand, Socializing Objects

L'artiste et designer suédoise Viktoria Kindstrand propose avec son installation "Socialising Space" d'étudier la "signification de l'être humain que la société tient dans son poing"... Swedish artist & designer Viktoria Kindstrand's "Socialising Space" installation  studies the "significance of being a person in the grip of society"...