The powerful work of Christien Meinderstma on display @Vitra Design Museum

We know her works with and for Japanese label ARITA or have seen her many experiences with flax or linen, including the brilliant Label/breed Flax chair (picture above). The Vitra Design Museum team were right to dedicate their next exhibition to the works of Dutch designer Christien Meindertsma: "Beyond the Surface", the designer's first solo presentation outside her native country, will focus on her seeing the creation of a product as only one element of the design process. In her unique approach, she explores the mechanisms of modern industrial production, undertaking expeditions to factories and conducting meticulous detective work at waste disposal sites and workshops - while bringing her unquenchable thirst for knowledge to interviews with the protagonists of these adventures. The exhibition focuses on Christien Meindertsma's work with the materials of wool, flax, incinerator bottom ash and recycled wool. On display are projects such as the One Sheep Sweater (2010) - for which she produced garments from the coats of individual sheep - or the Flax Chair (Label/Breed, 2015), an innovative, sustainable piece of furniture made from a now rarely used material, which earned her the New Material Award and the Dutch Design Award in 2016. The exhibition (18 August 2018 until 20 January 2019) at the Vitra Design Museum Gallery will not merely concentrate on finished products, but material samples, prototypes and photographs. A particular focus lies on the production processes behind the completed object, which Meindertsma captures by means of films and publications - a method she refers to as "documentary design". This renders visible how deeply the designer dives into her subject matter, often exploring a topic for long periods of time and positioning one completed project as a launch pad for the next.

Marije Vogelzang to teach “Food Non Food” at Design Academy Eindhoven

From next September on, students at Design Academy Eindhoven will be able tograduate in a completely new specialisation: "Food Non Food". Renowned "eating designer" Marije Vogelzang (who graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2000) will be the Head of this new department, working together with Earlwyn Covington (who previously launched "Thinking Food Design" with Marc Brétillot and Jean-Charles Amey), Arne Hendriks, Mara Skujeniece and Robert Adolfsson.

Knol Ontwerp: Skinning Architecture

A few years ago, they were experimenting with "technofood". The Knol Ontwerp studio members now have architecture under their skin, manufacturing memories of buildings with the help of latex, molded directly onto the architectural elements they choose to replicate. Shape, dirt, rust and various traces from the original place help re-create and building a new space: "Like skin transplantations, they can be taken to other spaces where they get new spatial meaning. They take us to a world in which places are no longer fixed to specific locations, but become nomadic". (...)

Monique Habraken, Pinhole Window View: ombres & lumière

La designer néerlandaise Monique Habraken a dompté ombre et lumière à travers son projet ""Pinhole Window View". Elle explique retourner, "en cette ère dominée par la photographie digitale, à l'origine de l'image". Dutch designer Monique Habraken tamed light and shadows with her "Pinhole Window View" textile project, returning, she says, "to the origins of the image, in an age dominated by digital photography".

Pop-Up Generation: Design Between Dimensions

L'exposition "Pop-up Generation: Design Between Dimensions", dont le commissariat est assuré par Li Edelkoort, se tient actuellement à Breda (Pays-Bas). La designer Kiki van Eijk a notamment dessiné une nouvelle collection, "Textile Sketch", pour l'occasion. The "Pop-up Generation: Design Between Dimensions" exhibition, curated by Li Edelkoort, is cuurently showing in Breda (The Netherlands). Designer Kiki van Eijk has imagined a new furniture collection for the occasion, called “Textile Sketch”.