Fishing for compliments: the halieutic design of Lucile Viaud awarded

The halieutic segment (fish farming, aquaculture) is currently one of the fastest-growing food markets. It could also open many doors to designers... It's no surprise to learn that French designer Lucile Viaud's marine glass project has just received a "Observer" label, and is shortlisted for the "stars" awarded each year by the Observeur du Design. Recently launched through a crowdfunding campaign, she had first imagined the concept of this series, made out of fish and aquaculture products (halieutic design) such as oyster shells, while studying at the prestigious Ecole Boulle in Paris in 2015. 

Paper John reinvents the grocery bag (Made in Germany)

Designed (or re-designed) by the Hamburg-based Ogata 's creative team, the traditional paper grocery bag has found a new purpose. "In our everyday life we are used to move from place to place with our bicycles," declared Ogata founders Dennis Rasch and Cornelius Voss. "When we went shopping for groceries we often wondered, how are we going to transport these back home in a secure and comfortable way? It quickly came to our minds that the most ​comfortable way to carry weight is on one's back, irrespective of whether you are going by foot or by bike." And the Paper John backpack was born. (…)

Rising Moon: an upcycling lesson from Hong Kong

The "Rising Moon" dome is a temporary pavilion set in Hong Kong. This steel dome-shaped is framed with plastic water bottles, lit up with internal LED fixings. Amazingly, this structure is entirely covered in plastic water bottles, the kind of containers used in offices all over the world. Almost 7000 PET water coolers were used for the Rising Moon dome, which hardly represent 15 minutes’ worth of bottled water consumption in Hong Kong! (via Materia, photos John Pilas).

Droog Design, UP Collection x Committee

Droog Design organized the "UP conference" in November 2011, bringing together industry and design. The UP collection, resulting from this encounter, is now available from Droog Design. Le collectif Droog Design est à l'initiative de la conférence "UP", qui s'est tenue en novembre 2011. La collection UP, qui figure désormais au catalogue Droog Design, résulte du rapprochement entre industriels et designers.

C’est le roi qu’on assassine (avec délectation) : reDesign 2011

La note idéale pour finir la semaine ? L'histoire d'un fauteuil Louis XV, massacré, décomposé, réduit à l'état de papier, bombé, couvert d'animaux en peluche éventrées, porté en collier par une bande de designers qui se cachent sous le fallacieux prétexte de l'édition 2011 de reDesign Canada. Une galerie jubilatoire et des titres hilarants pour des oeuvres inclassables, vendues aux enchères au bénéfice du Textile Museum of Canada. Striking the perfect note just before the weekend... Here is a Louis XV armchair, axed to a (paper) pulp, massacred, spray-painted, reupholstered in plush fur, turned into beads for a gigantic necklace by a bunch of designers gone wild under a false pretense: the reDesign 2011 edition, during which these armchairs have been auctioned to fund the Textile Museum of Canada.

Not So Fragile, Uxus design

Les designers de l'agence Uxus ("you x us"), habituellement tournés vers l'architecture d'intérieur, le design d'espaces ou d'identité visuelle, ont réalisé la collection Not So Fragile pour souligner la poésie cachée des objets du quotidien. La série prendra part à l'exposition "Lightness" au cours de la Design Week néerlandaise à Eindhoven du 22 au 30 octobre. Celle-ci se compose de mobilier dont le caractère suranné s'efface sous une couche de ruban adhésif orange, apanage des professionnels des BTP. Uxus ("you x us") designers, usually focused on interiors, branding and retail, made the Not So Fragile collection in order to highlight the hidden poetic quality of common objects. The series, that will be part of the "Lightness" exhibition during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven (22-30 October), shows re-purposed furniture wrapped up in neon orange packing tape.

Brothers Dressler: Droog design dans le Grand Nord

Les créations des designers Jason & Lars Jessler, réalisées à partir de rebuts et objets variés en bois au sein de leur studio de Toronto, valent aux deux frères une franche popularité au Canada. Un brin de Droog design façon Grand Nord. Toronto-based designers Jason & Lars Jessler's creations,  quirky upcycled salvaged wooden items, are all the rage in Canada. Droog Design going North...

Backgammon & Kapla, Gezo Marques

Joueur, le designer Gezo Marques a réveillé une banale et ennuyeuse commode en lui appliquant un décor inattendu : des triangles colorés, inspirés de ceux d'une planche de Backgammon, ont été peints sur de petites planches Kapla. Designer Gezo Marques gave a playful twist to a rather dull, classical-looking chest of drawers. Its decor has been inspired by the triangles of a Backgammon board, applied onto Kapla planks.