Ugly Belgian Houses (& a bit of sarcasm)

Vous vous sentez d’humeur morose, englués dans un hiver sans fin ?  Voilà qui devrait vous sauver : Hannes Coudenys a compilé quelques-unes des maisons les plus laides inattendues de Belgique. A l’hérésie, il ajoute le sarcasme. L’essayer, c’est l’adopter (j’en ricane encore).

Yes, this is a long and tiring winter, and we all need some cheering up. This should do the trick: Hannes Coudenys toured Belgium to spot a few ugly one-of-a-kind houses, and compiled them with mean and witty comments. Give it a try – this made my day.

"Luke, I am your house."
"I think I’ve just found that Russian meteorite."
"Hey dude, there’s a house on your house."
"What are pyramids without a mastaba? Welcome, this is Belgium."

"How the fuck do you get on that balcony?"
"Lord of the bling blings."
"Guess who profited from the Greek crisis? Belgians did!"
"The architect was in shuffle mode."
"Reminds me of ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch and that’s exactly what i’m doing."


  • maupado

    quoi, t’es belge et t’as MÊME pas une maison en forme de MOULE? Non, mais Allo, quoi.

  • Elodie Palasse-Leroux

    @maupado: envoie un message à Hannes Coudenys, il va t’embaucher 🙂

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