Norther: Aalto x Milan (part 2)

L’exposition “Norther” compte nombre de pièces de textile, de verre ou de design céramique (ci-dessus, robots-lampes de porcelaine signés Mattias Liimatainen; ci-dessous, design Man Yau, plats à gâteau Sherpa en porcelaine) réalisés par les étudiants de l’école de design de l’université d’Aalto, sous la direction de Jouko Järvisalo.

The “Norther” exhibition also displays textile, glass & ceramic designs galore (above, porcelain robots-lamps by  Mattias Liimatainen; below, design Man Yau, Sherpa porcelain cake stands), made by students of the Aalto University, School of design, under the direction of professor Jouko Järvisalo.

Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture – 9 – 14.4.2013/ du 9 au 14 avril 2013 – Ventura Lambrate, Milan Via Privata Oslavia 7

Design Hanna Anonen, Pala rug: “Pala is a carpet, which can be assembled using identical modular pieces. The carpet’s shape and size can be changed depending on the user’s needs.”

Design Goeun Shin, cups: “Having a cup of coffee is about emotions. The design process was a journey to finding sympathetic proportions and colors. I focused on creating a sweet moment for each day.”

Design Ai Ono: “Fields of blue was inspired by Viatore, composed by Péteris Vasks in 2001. I designed this ceramic art piece based on my own visual experiences of the music. It expresses the quality of transience and ephemerality, which is present in Vasks’s music.”

Design Vilma Pellinen, Surface : “This piece is from a collection of 30 designs that reflect our surroundings and its phenomena. Surface brings together thoughts of nature and urban living, sophistication and street art, as well as foreign cultures and my own roots.”

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