Feel Better, Alessia Olivari

Lacking charm, courage, or patience? Graphic designer Alessia Olivari didn’t come up with the right ingredients, but she can give illusions a pretty wrapping…

Vous manquez de charme, de courage, ou de patience ? Si la designer graphique Alessia Olivari n’a pas encore mis le doigt sur les ingrédients magiques, elle propose cependant une bien jolie façon de conditionner et d’emballer vos illusions…

“We constantly want to become better people, but nothing can really improve our personality. What if there was some kind of medicine that could help us with that? A lotion for instant success? Or a pill to tolerate even the most annoying situations?

Feel Better is a self aid kit that can help you with that. It offers four different solutions for the most frequent problems of human personality. I chose strong colours to emphasize the positive effect these medicines will have on you and to create a contrast with transparent bottles and liquids. Moreover, it’s completely different from medicines that are actually on the market.”

(source Die Line)

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