Droog Design x Merci: Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?

Forget the “Night at the museum”: Droog design paired up with Merci in Paris during the D’Days June festival to offer 3 happy couples a “Night at the Concept store”… Please bring your linen pajamas.

Oubliez “La nuit au musée” : Droog design et Merci se sont alliés pour proposer à 3 couples, à l’occasion des D’Days au mois de juin, de passer une “Nuit au Concept store” parisien… Pyjama de lin lavé de rigueur.

From the press release:

Voulez-vous coucher avec Droog?

Droog will soon be taking over the infamous Merci store in Paris for 14 days. Three lucky couples will be offered the chance to stay the night in the Merci Store, where they can sleep amongst iconic Droog products and live the Hôtel Droog experience.

During Paris Design Week, Droog will be providing Parisians with a taster of Hôtel Droog; its new hospitality experience. Hôtel Droog is based in Amsterdam, but the concept can pop up anywhere and will never appear the same. The audience can get an enticing glimpse of its Fairy tale garden, mini Fish restaurant and the One and Only bedroom, together with a magnificent view on the city of Amsterdam. Among the special features for Hôtel Droog’s Parisian residency are Thomas Lommee’s vehicle for multipurpose public transport, a tattoo parlour, and the One and Only bedroom right in the middle of the Merci store. Three lucky couples will be offered the chance to stay the night in the Merci Store. Guests can check in after hours and check-out the next morning at 9.00, just before the ‘hotel’ opens its doors to the public.

Where: Merci @ 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 73003 Paris, France
When: June 4th – June 15th 2013

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