Timeless Bauhaus Design at Auctionata

German auction house Auctionata announced an exceptionnal Bauhaus Design sale to be held on June 2nd (both in Berlin and online). With such prominent names as Marcel Breuer, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, El Lissitzky or Marianne Brandt , this auction features works by all the great designers of the Bauhaus movement, which began in Weimar, 1919. The Bogler & Lindig ceramic tea set (see after the jump), made between 1925 and 1930, is just one of the auction highlights. The set includes the famous “Kombinationskanne”, designed by ceramicist Theodor Bogler and made by his colleague and brother-in-law Otto Lindig, who also designed and made the milk jug and sugar bowl that complete the set. The ensemble is a perfect example of modern, timeless Bauhaus design and is truly unique due to the combination of objects and their very good condition (starting prices from 200€ for the Marianne Brandt’s lamp below).

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