Sunny side up…

Back-to-work blues? Our “mystery object of the day” should bring a smile to your face – courtesy I Chao Wang, a Taiwan-born and NY-based industrial designer and illustrator (who possesses a certain sense of surreal humor, or a good deal of innocence, or a drinking problem – and perhaps all of the above).

Really, no idea? Alright, answer to be found after the jump.

Hello Kitty! Yes readers, this is a pet carrier! A wonderfully absurd object (really, do I have to explain why “pet” and “wool felt” shouldn’t be found in the same sentence?) that would have delighted Marcel Duchamp.

I Cha Wang, you just made my day. Thank you.

“The egg inspired pet carrier allows people to put their pets in the yolk, wrap it with the white, and carry them around. The yolk protects your beloved animal in a warm shelter where it can comfortably observe the amazing world outside of your home. With the white fabric handles, you can provide them with a peaceful journey as they float along with you. The white shell can also serve as a seating mat to be used for your comfort.”

So cute. I bet on your sense of humor…

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