Anne Fabricius Møller’s first class trash: Street Print

Vinçon is exhibiting Danish designer Anne Fabricius Møller‘s Street Print designs, made for MindCraft14 (previously showcased in Milan).

Street Print is a 1.5 x 10 metre length of cotton printed with objects found in the street (some have been run over, coarse and filthy, but their imprints are remarkably poetic and delicate). The fine quality of the fabric strikes a contrast to the coarse grey asphalt where they were found. The prints are reproduced in a composition along a central axis and a certain degree of pattern symmetry around it. The composition was inspired by English etchings from the 1600s depicting natural objects in more or less symmetrical compositions.

The objects in the Street Print collection were found over a period of 18 months. They are placed on the fabric in the desired composition then reactive textile dye in the color of the found objects is applied to the fabric. Once the printing is complete, a fixing effect is achieved through damping and the fabric is washed and ironed. (Vinçon, Barcelona, 23th October to 22th November 2014).

(Just one thing, Anne: it would have looked even better on linen!)

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