Tessa Koot, House of Destructo

Eindhoven-based designer Tessa Koot presented her new collection, “House of Destructo”, during the Ducth Design Week. Koot says she broke down “the walls of her own conventions and introversion as a maker” in order to achieve this series. Pieces of furniture and “objets d’art”, as the designer puts it, are the result of a first-time & big scale collaboration with fellow makers and creatives. Koot incorporates materials such as marble, steel, and brass into her work.

The use of these materials resulted in a notable increase in size and weight of her designs, which is a strong recurring motive through the collection as a whole.
The collection contains pieces such as “Bruna Says Intarsio” (a 450cm x 375 cm oakwood intarsia piece), a hefty marble and steel table or a series of hand folded chairs crafted by fellow designer Ben Hohmann.

(pictures Ronald Smit)

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