Nikari, Stockholm stool: Studies for Nature

The last step of Nikari’s project “5 studies for nature” in collaboration with design universities comes from Stockholm, Sweden. After traveling around the world – from Helsinki to Guangdong, China; Toronto, Canada and Milan, Italy, Nikari (Finland) headed back to north. The Swedish part of the project was organised as a competition by the university Konstfack.

The Stockholm study is a stool, designed by the second year industrial design student Jari Devad. In his proposal, Jari has embraced the expression of traditional Swedish wood carving, mastered by Axel Robert Petersson. By using 3D modeling as a technique for exploring forms that look like they were made by hand, he bridges the gap between physical and virtual media. The stool is made of dark walnut, which emphasizes the shapes and shadows of the stool surface.


  • Johann

    According to PSFK, 2015 will be geometrical for product design. Here is a nice example which combines traditional and new techniques.

  • Elodie Palasse-Leroux

    Thanks Johann. Though I’m pretty fond of geometry-inspired designs, it’s been a strong trend for several years already (hence now anchored mass-market production?). Wondering when we will get tired of this (a certain feeling of déjà-vu…) and what is going to come next. Any hint/idea?

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