Watch, try, enjoy -and listen! Miguel Chevalier creates an “interactive light carpet” for the Night Fest

Exciting news for the Night Fest 2015 : the internationally acclaimed Miguel Chevalier, one of the most significant digital artists on the contemporary scene, has teamed up with Carolyn Kay (Carrie K.) and Depression to craft a giant light carpet inside the National Design Centre. (…)

Exclusively focused on the use of computer technology as an artistic means of expression, Chevalier has been, since 1978, exploring the question of the hybrid and generative image. Featuring multi-colored graphic scenes and geometric patterns that react to visitor movement and interaction, this new creative work uses optical illusion to create the sensation of a shifting kaleidoscopic floor.

Want to learn how this spectacular work of art was born? Come and listen to Miguel Chevalier, pioneer of digital and virtual arts and the unrivaled “Fractal flowers” master, at the House of Glamour, Cathay Green, on Saturday 22th from 2.30 to 3.30pm. An opportunity not to be missed! Hurry up and buy your tickets here)

(image: Miguel Chevalier, generative and interactive virtual-reality installation, Heritage Days, Former Church of Sacré Coeur, Casablanca, Morocco)

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