Imminent Domain: Designing the Life of Tomorrow

Imminent Domain- Designing The Life of Tomorrow Singapore- Yeung Chin

Good designers explore how we will, but also how we should live in the future. In an era of unprecedented innovation in science and technology, how do designers respond to the constant paradigm shift in our lives? In 2013, the Asia Society Hong Kong Center organized its first design exhibition, Imminent Domain: Designing the Life of Tomorrow, to explore the heart of this matter, with 12 Hong Kong designers provoking new ideas about lifestyle.

Traveling to the National Design Centre in Singapore (16 Jan- 28 Feb.), this smaller-scale exhibition continues this goal with 3 selected designers from the original group of 12 – Nicolas Cheng, Yeung Chin (see above, “Breathe In & Out To Plastic Surgery”) and Dylan Kwok. What connects their designs is the common exploration of the (dis)continuation between the current and future ways of living. Cheng acquired the techniques from China to produce a set of cloisonné vessels that reminds the viewers of the encroaching forces of mass production in our age. Yeung’s inflatable garments challenge the society’s dominant formula of skinny-equals-beautiful. Kwok uses his reflective houses and specially made postcards to raise questions related to the boundaries of design and our lives in the future.

Imminent Domain- Designing The Life of Tomorrow - Wendy1920

The goal of this exhibition is to showcase Hong Kong’s creative potential and at the same time establish a dialogue with the audience in Singapore. The 3 Hong Kong designers in the field of product, fashion and socio-urban design respectively challenge our current status quo and suggest an alternative mode of living. In doing so, they signify an imminent design revolution that will elevate us to a freer and more artistic domain.

Organized by Asia Society Hong Kong Center, Imminent Domain at National Design Center is curated by Dominique Chan, Head of Gallery & Exhibition.


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