Hungry for more? The Dutch Institute of Food & Design has opened

Dutch Institute of Food Design

Pioneering food designer – sorry, eating designer- Marije Vogelzang‘s new venture, the Dutch Institute of Food&Design (“It is Dutch because it’s operating from the Netherlands but it is global because ideas and food have no borders”, adds Vogelzang), aims to “connect designers and artists to food issues, food companies and cultural initiatives dealing with food and the act of eating”.

“We want to promote the understanding and relevance of food connected to design -and design connected to food. The Dutch Institute of Food&Design is set out to make a network between designers working with food and eating on a global scale.”

The mission of the Institute, according to the renowned designer and head of the “Food non Food” department at the Design Academy Eindhoven,  is “to make this (still) new field of design more visible and to stimulate and develop the quality of it at a high level. The DIFD wants to educate, inspire and inform about the possibilities of food and design trough publications, interventions, exhibitions, tastings, lectures and discussions.”


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