Juliette Warmenhoven: Nest Bowls


You may know her from her “Everyday Growing” collection of out-of-this-world pots for plants, exhibited during the Dutch Design Week (DDW). Designer Juliette Warmenhovens “Nest Bowls” consist of five ceramic bowls that form a nest when placed one into the other. “Using the bowls’ elegance as a starting point, I constantly play with colors, details, heating processes, materials and more – an infinite process.”

The Amsterdam-based designer has created three different series “from which more and more series will evolve into both limited and standard editions. The Moss collect is a soft colored green. The bowls are gloss glazed on the inside and matte glazed on the outside. The Mint collection was named after its minty celadon green, bowls glazed inside and raw on the outside. Finally, the Burned pigment drawing series: the bowls are unglazed and enriched with a drawing that has a cell or bubble texture, which has been burned into the clay. Each bowl has a character of its own and the composition changes from one series to the following one.”





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