Maverick architects are breaking the mould


The London Royal Academy of Arts recently launched a new exhibition. “Mavericks: Breaking the Mould of British Architecture” (26 January — 20 April 2016) features the works of architects who refuse to conform to the norms of mainstream architectural culture, architects who can also be maverick in other ways, such as in their relationship to the discipline and profession of architecture. These are mavericks questioning what architecture is and how it should be practiced.

The “Mavericks: Breaking the Mould of British Architecture” exhibition embarks visitors on a journey through 400 years of architectural British history, taking a colorful look at twelve mavericks architects who helped to shape its course: Smythson, Vanbrugh, Wyatt, Soane, Cockerell, Mackintosh, Holden, Goodhart-Rendel, Stirling, Price, FAT and Hadid.

(Photo courtesy of Living Architecture / Jack Hobhouse)

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