How to kill yourself with chocolate (and enjoy it)


Martina Lang and Valentine Ammeux met while studying at Central St Martin School. After obtaining their Masters degree in Communication Design, they decided to travel around the world in order to gather scientific facts and… recipes. A few years later, their book How To Kill Yourself With Chocolate was ready to hit the shelves.

Why chocolate? Because they are obsessed with chocolate and were very curious about theobromine, a subtle toxin found in cocoa. It is responsible for the good mood and stamina that chocolate brings to its eater. Overdosing on it though, can lead to chocolate poisoning. Dogs, well-known for their sweet tooth, are likely to bite the dust with a single bar of chocolate, whereas humans need a little more feasting on.

“We calculated that the deadly dose for an average-weight British adult can be reached when 7.74 kg of dark chocolate with 70% cocoa content are consumed within 24 hours…” Hence the 30 recipes to be found in the book will provide you with the 7.74 kg of chocolate needed for the experiment (provided you can stomach it). Time to indulge!







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