Fishing for compliments: the halieutic design of Lucile Viaud awarded


The halieutic segment (fish farming, aquaculture) is currently one of the fastest-growing food markets. It could also open many doors to designers… It’s no surprise to learn that French designer Lucile Viaud‘s marine glass project has just received a “Observer” label, and is shortlisted for the “stars” awarded each year by the Observeur du Design.

Recently launched through a crowdfunding campaign, she had first imagined the concept of this series, made out of fish and aquaculture products (halieutic design) such as oyster shells, while studying at the prestigious Ecole Boulle in Paris in 2015. 

As the designer explains, “Bones, skins, shells represent 50% of the production, and can provide a fantastic base for designers.” Her collection made out of Glad marine glass, baptised “Ostraco”, possesses a deep and strong green, natural colour. Seven pieces, from vases and containers to glass bowls, have been designed by Lucile Viaud so far. She is now looking for an editor to develop the concept and collections further.








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