The many (food) faces of Enora Lalet

Enora Lalet has been shooting her "Cooking Faces" series, mimicking classical portraits with a technique of her own, for some years. The Bordeaux-based visual artist mixes photography with body paint, culinary design, sewing, collages with an anthropological focus.

Recipe of the day: Grow your moss design

A nice way to start the week: take after the British designer Anna Garforth and grow your own moss creation. Courtesy of Materia, here is the actual recipe. All you need is moss, yogurt (yes, yogurt), sugar, water and a blender. No kidding.

Tessa Koot, House of Destructo

Eindhoven-based designer Tessa Koot presented her new collection, "House of Destructo", during the Ducth Design Week. Koot says she broke down "the walls of her own conventions and introversion as a maker" in order to achieve this series. Pieces of furniture and "objets d'art", as the designer puts it, are the result of a first-time & big scale collaboration with fellow makers and creatives. Koot incorporates materials such as marble, steel, and brass into her work.

Sunny side up…

Back-to-work blues? Our "mystery object of the day" should bring a smile to your face - courtesy I Chao Wang, a Taiwan-born and NY-based industrial designer and illustrator (who possesses a certain sense of surreal humor, or a good deal of innocence, or a drinking problem - and perhaps all of the above). Really, no idea? Alright, answer to be found after the jump.

Float & enjoy your holidays!

Relax, nobody's asking you to dive into ice-cold water. Designed in Iceland by Unnur Valdís, Float is a "water therapy product". Water is believed to relieve stress and improve well-being. The "Float" cap & support bands, made of Neoprene-Lycra-Polyethylene foam, were designed to help relieve muscle tension, blood pressure and heart rate while you're "sinking into a deeply relaxed state". Even better, it might also "alleviate the effects of insomnia, depression and anxiety": the designer, Unnur Valdís, promises you a renewed sense of clarity. Not that you really need a lot of clarity when on vacation... Better keep the experience for rainy office days. Meanwhile... dive in and enjoy your holidays!

The Bill Murray Affair in San Francisco

From PSFK: San Francisco gallery-goers will be able to spice up their regular routine on August 8th. Expected to contain over 100 works of art, this show will pay homage to the seemingly countless roles and angles of one man: Bill Murray. “The Murray Affair” is hosted by San Francisco event space and gallery Public Works, and is conceived by curator, musician, and promoter Ezra Croft. In a time when many art lovers are feeling pop-culturally inundated by snarky memes and TV references, the show seeks to bring about a thoughtful — but also fun — gathering of the actor’s admirers.