Tom Dixon Design Studio + Here Design: CRAFT London

Brand consultancy Here Design has imagined the identity and packaging series for CRAFT London, a new restaurant in Greenwich, London. CRAFT is a collaboration between Stevie Parle and Tom Dixon (the restaurant’s interior was designed by Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio). The challenge was to create a strong brand identity that would convey what they call a “New British contemporary craft” to a metropolitan audience. (…)

Hiroyuki Murase, Suzusan Luminaires: Modern Design & Japanese Tradition

Ancient art turned into modern design: Japanese born designer Hiroyuki Murase (Düsseldorf, Germany) has put under a new light the traditional handcrafted material that his family have been weaving for over a century. Un art ancestral appliqué au design contemporain: le designer d'origine japonais Hiroyuki Murase (Düsseldorf, Allemagne) met dans la lumière le tissu traditionnel confectionné à la main par sa famille depuis plus d'un siècle.