Blending digital & artisanal techniques: Julio

 French designer Luce Couillet focused on product-design studies at ESAD in Reims, before experimenting with textile creation at ENSCI-Les Ateliers in Paris.Her « Julio » mobiles are hand-woven, crafted using both digital (laser-cutting) and artisanal techniques. Each ellipse is assembled piece by piece and woven on a loom in a rising-descending manner, in order to create a hypnotic, optical game of shadows. The mobile seems to vibrate, displaying shadow games as the mobiles crisscross each other. Made of wood or of paper, the Julio mobile was originally designed by Luce Couillet for and presented at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, on the occasion of the « Conversations » exhibition. All mobiles are custom-made and limited to eight pieces. (…)

Festival Design Parade n°7

L'édition n°7 de la "Design Parade" débute le 29 juin à la Villa Noailles (Hyères). Au programme, un "marché du design", la remise du prix de la Design Parade (1er juillet), et l'exposition des travaux des designers sélectionnés (jusqu'au 30 septembre, voir ci-après). "Here comes the big parade"...The 7th edition of the "Design Parade" will open doors on June 29th at the Villa Noailles (Hyères, France). Visitors will be able to do some shopping at the "Design market", or admire the laureates' works, exhibited until September 30th (the name of the Design Parade award winner will be unveiled on July 1st).

Suzy Lelièvre, Distorted Objects

Suzy Lelièvre est-elle une artiste, une designer ? Confronté à ses meubles torturés, ses objets détournés et déformés, on ne peut que s'interroger. Une vague trace de fonctionnalité, des oeuvres d'art hypnotisantes (et admirablement bien réalisées). Is Suzy Lelièvre a designer or an artist? One can wonder, when in front of her tortured pieces of furniture and her distorted objects. A faint trace of functionality there, and some mesmerizing (and beautifully crafted) works of art.