Kara Mann for Baker / Milling Road launch, Paris

American furnishings company Baker have decided to hand the reins of their casual, more accessible Milling Road brand to designer Kara Mann for a complete relaunch. The Chicago and NY-based designer has devised 54 pieces of furniture for the line, available for purchase this month. With crisp and bold lines, mixing metallic accents and earthy stone, the collection palette is dominated by black, white, and dusty purples and grays—colors that "have a bit of dirt thrown in," explains the designer. After its December debut in High Point (North Carolina), the Kara Mann collection for Baker / Milling Road has just been launched in Paris at the Baker showroom (66 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, 75008 Paris).

Shadow Construction, Marte Haverkamp

Marte Haverkamp, diplômée de l'école d'art d'Utrecht, a longtemps été obsédée par les ombres et l'idée «d'en faire quelque chose ». De longues ombres portées se sont ainsi matérialisées, dictant la forme inédite des objets et meubles de sa série Shadow Construction. Le travail de Marte Haverkamp met l'emphase sur le jeu visuel, un trompe l'oeil inhabituel pour seule esthétique. Marte Haverkamp, who recently graduated from the Utrecht School of Arts, has been fascinated by shadows for a long time and « wanted to do something with them. » So she started constructing pieces of furniture shaped as silhouettes: the Shadow Construction series have not much in common with your usual chairs & table. « The present work focuses mainly on this visual play and its aesthetics. »